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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 108: Abundance
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Qur'an 108:1[edit]

We have given you plenty.

Qur'an 108:1 Notes[edit]

Muslims in famine prone Ethiopia should take this as a metaphor for Allah's dark sense of humour.

Qur'an 108:2[edit]

So pray to your Lord and sacrifice.

Qur'an 108:2 Notes[edit]

When Allah provides you with a half blown up apartment with no roof and a sack of mouldy flour to last a month, be thankful to mighty generous Allah and most importantly, sacrifice something to him, maybe that bag of flour, or mabey knock down one of the remaining walls.

Qur'an 108:3[edit]

He who hates you is the loser.

Qur'an 108:3 Notes[edit]

People on RationalWiki are so utterly without the slightest shred of dignant posterity.

The surah "Abundance" is the shortest surah in the Qu'ran.