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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 107: The Daily Necessaries
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Qur'an 107:1[edit]

Have you considered him who denies the religion?

Qur'an 107:1 Notes[edit]

There are millions of those who are defacto- but don't pray or observe restrictions on clothes, food, facial hair etc.

Qur'an 107:2[edit]

It is he who mistreats the orphan.

Qur'an 107:2 Notes[edit]

That doesn't mean they don't care about orphans.

Qur'an 107:3[edit]

And does not encourage the feeding of the poor.

Qur'an 107:3 Notes[edit]

Just because they are lazy or simply don't give a toss about practising the religion doesn't mean they don't give to charity.

Qur'an 107:4[edit]

So woe to those who pray.

Qur'an 107:4 Notes[edit]

Uh oh!

Qur'an 107:5[edit]

Those who are heedless of their prayers.

Qur'an 107:5 Notes[edit]

Forgetting to pray can result in a rather long period of agonising pain and doom.

Qur'an 107:6[edit]

Those who put on the appearance.

Qur'an 107:6 Notes[edit]

Can you believe that some people go to worship when in reality they don't want to be there? It's not like many of them have no choice, they can choose to not go and enjoy the bullying, harassment and threats that come along with it.

Qur'an 107:7[edit]

And withhold the assistance.

Qur'an 107:7 Notes[edit]

Apparently the best way to get people to worship is to shame those who don't worship as heartless cold frozen monsters.