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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 105: The Elephant
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Qur'an 105:1[edit]

Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with the People of the Elephant?

Qur'an 105:1 Notes[edit]

I wasn't alive at the time so no, there's no chance I saw it.

Qur'an 105:2[edit]

Did He not make their plan go wrong?

Qur'an 105:2 Notes[edit]

Apparently so. What elephant is this?

Qur'an 105:3[edit]

He sent against them swarms of birds.

Qur'an 105:3 Notes[edit]

These flying creatures were swarming the elephant?

Qur'an 105:4[edit]

Throwing at them rocks of baked clay.

Qur'an 105:4 Notes[edit]

And had opposable thumbs and limbness of legs to pelt the poor elephant with stones of baked clay?

Qur'an 105:5[edit]

Leaving them like chewed-up leaves.

Qur'an 105:5 Notes[edit]

Turns out this whole surah is just a list of questions. It asks you to confirm that yes, indeed, thousands of men trying to destroy the tomb of Abraham were pulverised by birds casting clay tokens at them. You can safely say no. No, this did not happen.