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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 104: The Slanderer
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Qur'an 104:1[edit]

Woe to every slanderer backbiter.

Qur'an 104:1 Notes[edit]

Oh noes! Us RatWiks must be drowning in woe!

Qur'an 104:2[edit]

Who gathers wealth and counts it over.

Qur'an 104:2 Notes[edit]

Well shit. I've always known we're the slandering traducer type, but we're severely lacking in that whole "wealth" thing -- not to speak of arranging it.

Qur'an 104:3[edit]

Thinking that his wealth has made him immortal.

Qur'an 104:3 Notes[edit]

Does anyone think this? That money = eternal life? Outside of strawmen in the Qur'an and the Bible, doesn't really seem like rich people are unaware of their impending doom.

Qur'an 104:4[edit]

By no means. He will be thrown into the Crusher.

Qur'an 104:4 Notes[edit]

If by "consuming one" you mean "the local hardware recycling station" after RationalWiki's hard drives are more outdated than an iron-age holy book -- then you've nailed it. Good job, Allah.

Qur'an 104:5[edit]

And what will make you realize what the Crusher is?

Qur'an 104:5 Notes[edit]

Well, you've described torturous hell literally hundreds of times in the Qur'an, so you can just pick any one of those. Surely the Qur'an -- the most convincing, the most beautiful, the most perfect of texts -- can adequately explain what eternal torture by an arbitrary sky-God looks like.

Qur'an 104:6[edit]

God's kindled Fire.

Qur'an 104:6 Notes[edit]

Did you expect a tantrum-throwing tyrant in the sky to keep his hellfire cool and soothing?! Typical kafir.

Qur'an 104:7[edit]

That laps to the hearts.

Qur'an 104:7 Notes[edit]

Is this literal or figurative? Because dancing fire doesn't sound very scary. C'mon, Allah, this isn't Holy Text 101 -- step up your game. (This is supposed to imply that the bad morals of rich, greedy men in this life will be what they face in Hell for eternity.)

Qur'an 104:8[edit]

It closes in on them.

Qur'an 104:8 Notes[edit]

I'm melting... I'm meeeeeeeeelting... Oh woe...

Qur'an 104:9[edit]

In extended columns.

Qur'an 104:9 Notes[edit]

If Allah had but used normal, non-outstreched columns, that would have been fine. But these columns -- all stretched out and everything -- how terrifying!v("Outstretched columns" is supposed to imply that the fire will reach everywhere, but for English readers it certainly sounds silly.)