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RationalWiki:Annotated Qur'an/The Emissaries

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RationalWiki Annotated Qur'an
Sura 77: The Emissaries
Word-by-word translation
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Qur'an 77:1[edit]

By those unleashed in succession.

Qur'an 77:1 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:2[edit]

Storming turbulently.

Qur'an 77:2 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:3[edit]

Scattering far and wide.

Qur'an 77:3 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:4[edit]

Separating decisively.

Qur'an 77:4 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:5[edit]

Delivering a message.

Qur'an 77:5 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:6[edit]

Excusing or warning.

Qur'an 77:6 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:7[edit]

Surely what you are promised will happen.

Qur'an 77:7 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:8[edit]

When the stars are obliterated.

Qur'an 77:8 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:9[edit]

And the sky is fractured.

Qur'an 77:9 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:10[edit]

And the mountains are blown away.

Qur'an 77:10 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:11[edit]

And the messengers are alerted.

Qur'an 77:11 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:12[edit]

Until which day is it deferred?

Qur'an 77:12 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:13[edit]

Until the Day of Decision.

Qur'an 77:13 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:14[edit]

And what will teach you what the Day of Decision is?

Qur'an 77:14 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:15[edit]

Woe on that Day to the liars.

Qur'an 77:15 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:16[edit]

Did We not destroy the ancients?

Qur'an 77:16 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:17[edit]

Then succeeded them with the others?

Qur'an 77:17 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:18[edit]

This is how We deal with the guilty.

Qur'an 77:18 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:19[edit]

Woe on that Day to the rejecters.

Qur'an 77:19 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:20[edit]

Did We not create you from an insignificant fluid?

Qur'an 77:20 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:21[edit]

Then lodged it in a secure place?

Qur'an 77:21 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:22[edit]

For a known term?

Qur'an 77:22 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:23[edit]

We measured precisely. We are the best to measure.

Qur'an 77:23 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:24[edit]

Woe on that Day to the falsifiers.

Qur'an 77:24 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:25[edit]

Did We not make the earth a homestead?

Qur'an 77:25 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:26[edit]

For the living and the dead?

Qur'an 77:26 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:27[edit]

And set on it lofty mountains, and given you pure water to drink?

Qur'an 77:27 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:28[edit]

Woe on that Day to the deniers.

Qur'an 77:28 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:29[edit]

“Proceed to what you used to deny.”

Qur'an 77:29 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:30[edit]

“Proceed to a shadow of three different masses.”

Qur'an 77:30 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:31[edit]

Offering no shade, and unavailing against the flames.

Qur'an 77:31 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:32[edit]

It shoots sparks as castles.

Qur'an 77:32 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:33[edit]

As if they were yellow camels.

Qur'an 77:33 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:34[edit]

Woe on that Day to the liars.

Qur'an 77:34 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:35[edit]

This is a Day when they will not speak.

Qur'an 77:35 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:36[edit]

And they will not be allowed to apologize.

Qur'an 77:36 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:37[edit]

Woe on that Day to the rejecters.

Qur'an 77:37 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:38[edit]

This is the Day of Separation; We have gathered you, together with the ancients.

Qur'an 77:38 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:39[edit]

So if you have a strategy, use it against Me.

Qur'an 77:39 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:40[edit]

Woe on that Day to the falsifiers.

Qur'an 77:40 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:41[edit]

The righteous will be amidst shades and fountains.

Qur'an 77:41 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:42[edit]

And fruits as they desire.

Qur'an 77:42 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:43[edit]

“Eat and drink pleasantly, for what you used to do.”

Qur'an 77:43 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:44[edit]

This is how We reward the doers of good.

Qur'an 77:44 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:45[edit]

Woe on that Day to the deniers.

Qur'an 77:45 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:46[edit]

“Eat and enjoy yourselves a little; you are indeed criminals.”

Qur'an 77:46 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:47[edit]

Woe on that Day to the liars.

Qur'an 77:47 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:48[edit]

And when it is said to them, “Kneel”, they do not kneel.

Qur'an 77:48 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:49[edit]

Woe on that Day to the rejecters.

Qur'an 77:49 Notes[edit]

Qur'an 77:50[edit]

In what message, beyond this, will they believe?

Qur'an 77:50 Notes[edit]