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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 94: The Expansion
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Qur'an 94:1[edit]

Did We not soothe your heart?

Qur'an 94:1 Notes[edit]

This is directed towards Mohammad...so no...it's not the kind of dilation you are thinking about.

Qur'an 94:2[edit]

And lift from you your burden.

Qur'an 94:2 Notes[edit]

Again...we aren't talking about pregnant ladies but a man who hears prophecies in his head and worries if people will at all take him seriously when he tells them.

Qur'an 94:3[edit]

Which weighed down your back?

Qur'an 94:3 Notes[edit]

He was actually very worried.

Qur'an 94:4[edit]

And raised for you your reputation?

Qur'an 94:4 Notes[edit]

But people bought it.

Qur'an 94:5[edit]

With hardship comes ease.

Qur'an 94:5 Notes[edit]

Because the sky-God told them to or face torture.

Qur'an 94:6[edit]

With hardship comes ease.

Qur'an 94:6 Notes[edit]

And so the prophet could go home, take a break, drink a beer and watch some reality TV show.

Qur'an 94:7[edit]

When your work is done, turn to devotion.

Qur'an 94:7 Notes[edit]

But more of God's work is just around the corner.

Qur'an 94:8[edit]

And to your Lord turn for everything.

Qur'an 94:8 Notes[edit]

Never forget who is your eternal totalitarian dictator!