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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 86: The Night-Comer
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Qur'an 86:1[edit]

By the sky and at-Tariq.

Qur'an 86:1 Notes[edit]

One fictional and one sort of real things

Qur'an 86:2[edit]

But what will let you know what at-Tariq is?

Qur'an 86:2 Notes[edit]

An archaic old book from the midaevil ages has a lot to tell us about life and the universe.

Qur'an 86:3[edit]

The Piercing Star.

Qur'an 86:3 Notes[edit]

It is true. A few stars are even strong enough to cast a shadow at night time!

Qur'an 86:4[edit]

There is no soul without a Protector over it.

Qur'an 86:4 Notes[edit]

I would like to meet this guardian

Qur'an 86:5[edit]

Let man consider what he was created from.

Qur'an 86:5 Notes[edit]

Biologists, archaeologists, geologists etc have nothing on man's beginnings as written in an old book from the midaevil ages.

Qur'an 86:6[edit]

He was created from gushing liquid.

Qur'an 86:6 Notes[edit]

No. Man comes from a zygote, the result of contact between a sperm AND an egg. The sperm is in a fluid but the fluid is not what babies come from. The egg is also in a kind of fluid but we don't come from that fluid either. One would almost suspect that the content of this book comes from people entirely ignorant of the reproductive system, but that's impossible as the Koran has exclusive entitlement to truth.

Qur'an 86:7[edit]

Issuing from between the backbone and the breastbones.

Qur'an 86:7 Notes[edit]

No. The ribs have nothing to do with it. The buttox and abdominal muscles certainly plays a roll in most forms of coitus, and I suppose the ribs support the abdiminals in a very indirect way but it has nothing to to with sperm.

Qur'an 86:8[edit]

He is certainly able to return him.

Qur'an 86:8 Notes[edit]

Our body will survive brain death in a magical form which the loving god in the sky will resurrect somehow.

Qur'an 86:9[edit]

On the Day when the secrets are disclosed.

Qur'an 86:9 Notes[edit]

This sky god has a very detailed database of all of our thoughts.

Qur'an 86:10[edit]

He will have no strength, and no supporter.

Qur'an 86:10 Notes[edit]

No one can protect you from God's cunning thought policing!

Qur'an 86:11[edit]

By the sky that returns.

Qur'an 86:11 Notes[edit]

So heaven is in the clouds after all. Every time I fly I'm always looking out for it.

Qur'an 86:12[edit]

And the earth that cracks open.

Qur'an 86:12 Notes[edit]

Could it be that people on the arabian penninsula knew about tectonic plates?

Qur'an 86:13[edit]

It is a Decisive Word.

Qur'an 86:13 Notes[edit]

This book with an immense list of overwhelmingly true and totally accurate information claims that stand up to all scrutiny truly is the source of exclusive knowledge.

Qur'an 86:14[edit]

It is no joke.

Qur'an 86:14 Notes[edit]

I would imagine having your thoughts probed by a sky God would not be pleasant in the least.

Qur'an 86:15[edit]

They plot and scheme.

Qur'an 86:15 Notes[edit]

It may have something to do with the Da Vinci Code

Qur'an 86:16[edit]

But I plot and scheme.

Qur'an 86:16 Notes[edit]

Every time a non-believer has some cunning way to plot against the sky God, the sky God has an even more cunninger and plottier!

Qur'an 86:17[edit]

Therefore, give the blasphemers respite, a brief respite.

Qur'an 86:17 Notes[edit]

A line in the Koran which tells fellow Muslims to give non-believers time to come over to the light side. How many centuries would that