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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 87: The Most High
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Qur'an 87:1[edit]

Praise the Name of your Lord, the Most High.

Qur'an 87:1 Notes[edit]

The all powerful and amazing sky-God needs puny humans to say how amazing he is...all the time.

Qur'an 87:2[edit]

He who creates and regulates.

Qur'an 87:2 Notes[edit]

Everything on earth is a bunch of lego pieces that can be discarded whenever the sky-God wants to.

Qur'an 87:3[edit]

He who measures and guides.

Qur'an 87:3 Notes[edit]

I think one can learn more from a guide-dog and from the French accademie of sciences measurement division.

Qur'an 87:4[edit]

He who produces the pasture.

Qur'an 87:4 Notes[edit]

God came up with the idea of green grass.

Qur'an 87:5[edit]

And then turns it into light debris.

Qur'an 87:5 Notes[edit]

As well as despressing sad brown dying grass.

Qur'an 87:6[edit]

We will make you read, so do not forget.

Qur'an 87:6 Notes[edit]

Read this text...or else. And also, don't forget this text...or else.

Qur'an 87:7[edit]

Except what God wills. He knows what is declared, and what is hidden.

Qur'an 87:7 Notes[edit]

The sky-God knows everything.

Qur'an 87:8[edit]

We will ease you into the Easy Way.

Qur'an 87:8 Notes[edit]

Following the Koran makes life easy and simple and the best way to get people into the easy life is certainly not to force them to do so with a sword or bloody invading armies, but in a kind gentle way...one finger at a time.

Qur'an 87:9[edit]

So remind, if reminding helps.

Qur'an 87:9 Notes[edit]

There is no shortage of people reminding us that some singular sky God (of one description or another) exists.

Qur'an 87:10[edit]

The reverent will remember.

Qur'an 87:10 Notes[edit]

You are supposed to be afriad of the loving sky-God

Qur'an 87:11[edit]

But the wretched will avoid it.

Qur'an 87:11 Notes[edit]

And if you don't accept the existence of this God without any notable evidence or proof of his existence...then you are hapless.

Qur'an 87:12[edit]

He who will enter the Gigantic Fire.

Qur'an 87:12 Notes[edit]

And the loving sky-God will scorch you in agonising torture.

Qur'an 87:13[edit]

Where he will neither die, nor live.

Qur'an 87:13 Notes[edit]


Qur'an 87:14[edit]

Successful is he who purifies himself.

Qur'an 87:14 Notes[edit]

Wrong. Some organisms grow and last a long time but are not successful in countless ways (passing on genes, flourishing, being a decent living being).

Qur'an 87:15[edit]

And mentions the name of his Lord, and prays.

Qur'an 87:15 Notes[edit]

Another reminder.

Qur'an 87:16[edit]

But you prefer the present life.

Qur'an 87:16 Notes[edit]

Only the foolish prefer a world that isn't entirely made up of a particular world view that came from the Arabian peninsula in the middle ages...

Qur'an 87:17[edit]

Though the Hereafter is better, and more lasting.

Qur'an 87:17 Notes[edit]

along with an eternity of happiness if you do believe in it.

Qur'an 87:18[edit]

This is in the former scriptures.

Qur'an 87:18 Notes[edit]

And if you don't believe this book...

Qur'an 87:19[edit]

The Scriptures of Abraham and Moses.

Qur'an 87:19 Notes[edit]

just check out the even more old and more archaic books that came from the Levant!