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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 102: Worldly Gain
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Qur'an 102:1[edit]

Abundance distracts you.

Qur'an 102:1 Notes[edit]

Rivalry can be toxic but not rivalry with good-faith. Consider athletes (when the Qatar football team plays the Jordanian football them), businessmen (when Ahmed opens up a good sandwich shop on the same street as Omar's bad sandwich shop), faith (when competing Quranic scholars try to do better than one another on logical and meaningful interpretations of this book). Increase is more than just possessing gold and diamonds and there is nothing wrong with earning a more liveable wage as you try to better yourself. Where good natured rivalry and toxic rivalry meet? We don't know. The Koran doesn't ever say.

Qur'an 102:2[edit]

Until you visit the graveyards.

Qur'an 102:2 Notes[edit]

To rival others one's whole life is also considered bad here though again, what is good rivalry and what is bad rivalry, we don't know. So better do absolutely nothing, stay at home all day, agree with what everyone says and give away everything you have and if anyone disagrees with you...run away to the desert far from other humans and try your best to eat and drink things you are absolutely certain no other human might need to eat or drink.

Qur'an 102:3[edit]

Indeed, you will know.

Qur'an 102:3 Notes[edit]

When will we come to know? We've been waiting for this judgement day for centuries!

Qur'an 102:4[edit]

Certainly, you will know.

Qur'an 102:4 Notes[edit]


Qur'an 102:5[edit]

If you knew with knowledge of certainty.

Qur'an 102:5 Notes[edit]

How many days? Months? Years? Decades? Centuries? Millennia? Geological eras?

Qur'an 102:6[edit]

You would see the Inferno.

Qur'an 102:6 Notes[edit]

More manipulative threats with the toasty subterranean torture chamber.

Qur'an 102:7[edit]

Then you will see it with the eye of certainty.

Qur'an 102:7 Notes[edit]

You'll see it, that is until your eyeballs are burnt to a crisp. Then you won't behold it with sure vision. I'm just saying.

Qur'an 102:8[edit]

Then, on that Day, you will be questioned about the Bliss.

Qur'an 102:8 Notes[edit]

If that day ever comes, I think we too will also have a whole lot of questions for Allah to explain himself!