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Annotated Qur'an
Sura 101: The Terrible Calamity
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Qur'an 101:1[edit]

The Shocker.

Qur'an 101:1 Notes[edit]

Oh the humanity!

Qur'an 101:2[edit]

What is the Shocker?

Qur'an 101:2 Notes[edit]

A question after an emphatic statement.

Qur'an 101:3[edit]

What will explain to you what the Shocker is?

Qur'an 101:3 Notes[edit]

Perhaps a very well done youtube video with realistic renderings of the Earth falling apart and people tortured for eternity.

Qur'an 101:4[edit]

The Day when the people will be like scattered moths.

Qur'an 101:4 Notes[edit]

Moths in general scatter around in irregular patterns. They cannot be thickly scattered nor even thinly.

Qur'an 101:5[edit]

And the mountains will be like tufted wool.

Qur'an 101:5 Notes[edit]

If there was an enormous giant he could knit his wife a sweater out of the mountain-wool!

Qur'an 101:6[edit]

As for he whose scales are heavy.

Qur'an 101:6 Notes[edit]

One definitely hopes they are in this group.

Qur'an 101:7[edit]

He will be in a pleasant life.

Qur'an 101:7 Notes[edit]

A great motivator do be good and do good things, not because they are good, but because the sky-tyrant tells you and the sky-tyrant will reward you.

Qur'an 101:8[edit]

But as for he whose scales are light.

Qur'an 101:8 Notes[edit]

Spending endless days not believing in the sky-tyrant and not praying to the sky-tyrant will add up to a very negative balance sheet.

Qur'an 101:9[edit]

His home is the Abyss.

Qur'an 101:9 Notes[edit]

Oh the humanity!

Qur'an 101:10[edit]

Do you know what it is?

Qur'an 101:10 Notes[edit]

I always find things are well conveyed to me, when things are well described, make sense and and a proper explanation is given. I cannot find any of this per the fire in this book of rants.

Qur'an 101:11[edit]

A Raging Fire.

Qur'an 101:11 Notes[edit]

The sky-tyrant takes great pleasure in the eternal torture of those who offended his highly sensitive ego.