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RationalWiki Statistics for June 2007-August 2007[edit]

The first set of graphs below show the monthly averages for each month. Keep in mind May we were only "open" for the last few days of the month.
  • Unique visitors-This is the number of unique visitors based on unique IPs that visited the site each month. You will notice an apparent decline for August. This is actually by spikes in July and June rather than a slow month in August. In June we had the bump in coverage from the LA time piece and in July we had several days where Stumbleupon sent almost 5000 visitors to our site. While the absolute number of visitors that visited our site in August fell the number of visitors that showed up more than once increased.
  • Number of visits-This is just the number of visits for the month. A visit counts as the number of times someone loads a page on our site from an origination point off site.
  • Hits-Hits is just the number of times a page is opened on our site. Hits gets inflated very quickly with a wiki so should be taken with a grain of salt.
  • Pages-Is the number of unique page loads a month. This is different than hits in that a hit is any time something is hit, where as a page load must be coming from another website or another page on our site.
  • Bandwidth-This is the amount of data that our site pushed into the intertubes in a month.

The second graph is the number of unique visitors per day for the month of August 2007 the average is included at the end.

Aug 2007 day.png

The last tid bit to share is the top 10 google searches that brought people RationalWiki and the corresponding average page rank we had for that search.

Aug 2007 google.png

What can I say, people are weird.

RationalWiki Statistics Sept-November 2007[edit]

Rw nov 2007.PNG

RationalWiki Statistics Jan-April, part of May 2008[edit]


RationalWiki statistics through July 2008[edit]

June july2008.PNG

RationalWiki statistics through September 2008[edit]

RW stats 0908.PNG

RationalWiki statistics through October 2008[edit]

RW stats 1008.PNG

RationalWiki statistics through May 2009[edit]

Rw may2009.PNG

RationalWiki statistics through October 2009[edit]


For more information see the tech blog.

RationalWiki statistics through December 2009[edit]


For more information see the tech blog.