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August 2008[edit]

7Let's arrest Obama, he disresecting(sic) us all by not properly saluting the flag! (One, the "law" cited is probably unconstitutional. Two, nobody in this picture is exactly "standing at attention.")
9God is totally stoked about bridges.
-2 Faux Christian Julie takes the low road concerning Barak(sic) Obama's lipstick gaffe and reveals that the best reason to vote against Obama is that foreigners like him more than McCain.
7A Discovery Institute fellow asks, "What does being president have to do with evolution?" Maybe the ability to reach conclusions from evidence rather than on poor assumptions and hunches?
3In a wonderful example of a blog costumed as a legit editorial, Gerard Baker spins so fast he nearly blacks out from the G-forces
3Ooh! In an apparent response to the close of the Democratic convention Julie gives us a wonderfully incohorent rant in which we learn, among other things, democrats wants to kill babies with downs syndrome and Michael Moore also, apparently, hates black people or something . . .
2Craig Smith, co-admin of the Blogging Tories, muses that maybe eugenics isn't a bad idea, if you sell it right.
2The photo shopped delusions of a deranged kook planning a hunger strike next month in DC. Spots are still open to join him sign up today!
13This just in:"Condom's" are not effective versus demons. According to sex-obsessed Julie, you still need crucifixes and garlic or whatever to guard your bloomers from demonic attacks.
0Is the Pope a "confirmed bachelor?" Julie wonders . . . Julie hints
8Are illegal immgrants causing global warming? We report. You ridicule decide.
11Oh my... just look what is going on in the CAMosphere! We might have a new toy to play with.
5Denyse O'Leary rains down fireballs on a fool who dared to suggest that Intelligent Design wouldn't replace all known evolutionary theories in the near future. And... draws cartoon glasses his photo? Let's not rule it out...
4Text of a statement read in court has been released whereby an anti-government kook earns himself an extra 10 years for insulting the judge moments before sentencing.
4Don't look in your mirror when driving. You might might be in a UFO car chase! (12 August 2008)
1Want 'mericans to discuss Sharia law? "Q(sic) weird Muslim music please." But debating the the precise composition and truth of various cuts off the body of Christ is obviously something everyone should do. BONUS: But that's not mysticism!
7A look into Kent Hovind's hobbies from behind bars: writing creepy creationist fairy tales.
5Here's what is evidently the big "Obama may be is the anti-christ" blog.
3Julie rambles on about the existence of one "true faith" and not being fooled by the many "untrue faiths". It's no surprise that the unassailable truth, as Julie sees it, turns out to be whatever she says it is.
5What's just as bad as torturing Chinese Christians for owning Bibles? Liberal activist judges, that's what! Once your head hurts from reading that, read a rebuttal (self promotion warning) (6 August 2008)
7Memo to spelling bee champion Jinxmchue: If you can't spell rememberence, remembrance correctly in your own blog then don't criticize others for simple transpositional typos. (See right-hand sidebar: IN REMEMBERENCE).
3Anti-atheist Freudian psychology? Apparently atheism can only be explained by one's relationship with their father.
0An obscure little book The Darwin Conspiracy promotes the tale that Charles Darwin stole his theory of natural selection.
4Letters to the editor are always gold mines for clog hunting as we see here: apparently Stephen Jay Gould was a creationist.