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July 2008[edit]

1A funeral for the Libertarian party. Offered without further commentary.
3Opening scene of the new Ron Paul delegate DVD spam bonanza is now available! The plan: mass mail every Republican national delegate a DVD telling them to "unbind" from John McCain and vote for Paul!
2The Cola Campaign "where everyone can vote and buy their way to victory." The Ron Paul campaign is taken this very seriously and has put out a call to beat Barack Obama once and for all!
2Hurry before it is sold out! Ron Paul is holding his own national convention in St. Paul, tickets are sold for the adorable price of $17.76.
1ID'ers proclaim (again) that carnivorous plants are irreducibly complex blatantly ignoring scientific evidence.
10Phyllis Schlafly pontificates about Obama's suggestion that Americans should speak more than one language. Obviously he hates America and wants to destroy it. This post includes a surreal moment in which Phyllis asserts that bilingual education is "known as language apartheid". (July 23, 2008)
0Failed presidential candidate Ron Paul still knows how to fleece the True BelieversTM -- even if you can't show up to his events, you should buy commemorative tickets anyway!
0Jason Gerhard, convicted of bringing weapons and explosives to help fugitive tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown kill federal agents, was not helping fugitives from justice but fugitives for justice. Yes threatening to be the next Ruby Ridge and Waco is what justice is all about.
6Drum roll please! The Intelligent Design Undergraduate Research Center has announced the 2008 Annual Casey Luskin Graduate award! The winner is: Anonymous! Congratulations Anonymous on this fine award. The fact that the ID award is going to a history major (and that it is, quite tellingly, named after a lawyer) bodes well for the future of intelligent design scientific research!
1Evangelical Catholic and media hound Bill Donohue responds to the PZ Myers throwing away of the cracker/symbol/Jesus by exemplifying turning the other cheek and asking for him to be heavily sanctioned. This of course is just par for the course for Donohue. UPDATE:Donohue continues his hissy fit after Myer's university refuses to draw the pound of flesh.
4Creationists look for evidence of a Global flood on ... Mars!?! Apparently God was unhappy with the Earthlings and the Martians.
0The bad old south is alive and well in Jesus Landtm where racism is kind of cute and Julie still hasn't figured out what "macaca" means. Hint for Julie This is sort of tricky, but there is this thing called Google. Type the word into the little box, press "search" and read the first couple results. (July 15 2008)
-2According to Julie, Jesus so loved the world that he is going to send all non Christians straight to hell. At least she has stopped talking about devils in her bloomers. (July 1, 2008)
2Poe's Law in action, or deliberate parody? Shelley the Republican. (Parody. See how many scientific errors you can find per paragraph.)
-2You don't need a priest to cast out demons! That's only in the movies. All you need is Julie's simple five step plan (and the mind of a child). BONUS: Home prisons for wayward relatives are understandable -- and a little funny.
0Fret not. Enjoy the pool. God told Julie that the horrors of the world are not his fault. Then he asked her to rub sun screen on his back. (June-12-2008)
1 This just in: Some white people ARE racist. (June-10-08), though Julie doesn't know any personally . . . she's not counting racism directed against indigenous people or Julie's "Muslims Neighbors". That's simple common sense.