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November 2008[edit]

6Some Texans want to secede from the US. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, guys. (This letter might not be for real, but these bozos seem to be.)
9It's not just US cloggers who like to get a bit extreme and blame everything on atheism. (With thanks to Ariane for bringing this up.)
5Daniel Henninger isn't the only one who seems to be dropping acid at the Wall Street Journal. Check out these whoppers: "The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace" and "Why I'll Miss President Bush". Leonard Pitts Jr. of the Miami Herald comments on both. (The former more than the latter.)
8Daniel Henninger blames the global financial meltdown on the War on Christmas.
2Homosexuality is like a deer tick. Thanks Julie! That explains it. If your sexual orientation offends thee pluck it out!
10Thomas Fleming makes your head explode when he describes Obama as an "enemy of anything good that has ever been done in this country or this civilization". Do I smell a closet racist? (Oh, I'm sorry, they like to call themselves "paleoconservatives" these days.)
4The white supremacist right are fairly into Dungeons and Dragons. Y'see, the problem is, dark elves are black ...[Warning: link to Stormfront: NSFW]
16Do you or any of your relatives support Obama? Yes? NO CANDY FOR YOU!
12He's not a clogger himself, but jhubert has gathered the Best right-wing sulks he could find, for all your Liberal Schadenfreude needs!
12Wow, it's only Obama's second day as President Elect and Ann Coulter is already in danger of complete mental breakdown(link dead) Experts with Rationalwiki predict a padded room in her near future.
4God calls Kent Hovind a nut. Hey, He said it, we didn't.
2Objectivist dingbats plan on "Going Galt" and "retreating from society" to show the Evil Communists who's REALLY the "Productive Class". Don't let the door hit ya where the dog shoulda bit you...
8Obama's grandmother dies: very sad, but isn't the timing suspicious?