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October 2008[edit]

8Wow, it's only Obama's second day as President Elect and Ann Coulter is already in danger of complete mental breakdown Experts with Rationalwiki predict a padded room in her near future.
9Not only is Barack HUSSEIN Obama a Communist, the Antichrist, a Muslimofascist infiltrator, a foreigner, a mind-controlling supervillain, and the leader of a coven of curse-throwing Kenyan witchdoctors, he's ALSO the illegitimate son of Malcolm X. The man sure gets around.
3ZOMG Obama is Stalin! And he's black! AAAAAAAAAAA!!!1!!1!eleven!
3Ann Coulter, showing the massive intellect that only she can, reminds us that "racial bias crimes are almost always hoaxes." She might have a decent argument if the FBI hadn't just released statistics saying "More than half of the 9,527 victims of hate crimes committed in the United States last year were attacked because of their race, and seven out of 10 of those victims were black Americans"
1Sometimes the classics are the most enjoyable. Both Michelle Malkin and Brent Bozell devote their weekly editorials to reports on the infamous Pro Obama Media. Bozell even has rock hard evidence. His own MRC.... No bias there.
6Words fail on this "Yes on Prop 8" video.
2 Something we hadn't thought of: Is America having a bad hair day?, Julie wonders and then replies to her own question with a cursory attempt to make the obvious connection between hair, national identity, demonic possession and Frasier.
11Barack Hussein "Tarzan" Obama wants to steal Xmas Christmas!: In this People interview, Barack and Michelle Obama said that they don't give their daughters birthday presents. However, they implied that they do give their daughters Christmas presents from Santa Claus. Naturally, some wingnut pastor named James David Manning started shouting from his pulpit that they don't give Christmas presents. Ergo, President Obama will ban Christmas! And just in case his sermon didn't scare enough wingnuts, he made this video where children from his congregation beg people to save Christmas by voting against Obama!
23Just in time for Halloween, Focus on the Family has issued a 16 page PDF horror tale called "Letter from 2012 in Obama's America". Among the "scary" future events: Justices Kennedy and Scalia have joined Justices Stevens and Ginsburg in retirement; all heterosexuals are second-class citizens; the U.S. military has been withdrawn from Iraq; universal healthcare; reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine; and (GASP!!!!!!!) Bush Administration officials are being prosecuted for war crimes! Oh, the humanity!
8Barack Obama: The President who stole Christmas! Watch it through till the end to catch the children video Christmas cards.
6"Crazy Tracy" stars in This is Why America Is Broken (YouTube, originally from "Now on PBS").
6There are no words to describe the sheer stupidity of these top ten lists. Bonus points for the Argumentum ad Nazium though
3Pat Buchanan give an depth analysis of Colin Powell's endorsment of Obama: He's black.. DUH
6Research into possible republican VP candidates was done at... Wikipedia[1] "Brickley, a self-described “obsessive” political junkie who recently graduated from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, told me that he began by “randomly searching Wikipedia and election sites for Republican women.”"
6Barack Obama, super-villain extraordinaire, is winning the election through his mastery of mass hypnosis (PDF warning).
3Think you're safe from evil spirits just because you're a Christian? Think again. Have you checked your lawn ornaments?
3Welcome to movie review with PTC founder L. Brent Bozell III. Sadly, this show is not destined to last. In the words of one Fox exec: "My god, the bastard hates everything."
10Do you believe in Evolution? Here's a handy check list showing how that conflicts with YEC.
3Just in case anyone thought the whole "Obama is not a US citizen" fiasco died down this summer the right-wingers are still thumping it loudly everyday and have introduced new lawsuits.
8Liberals talked of moving to Canada in 2000 and 2004 when Bush won, conservatives talk about buying guns, secession, and reading up on insurgency tactics after Obama wins.
7Fanatical anti-Obama website says hello to Godwin's Law.
2DaveScot of UncommonDescent obviously doesn't know the difference between weather and climate. However he does give us the most ironic quote of the year: "We have a keen nose for bogus science here, folks."
8Obama wins -- Heartland Republic secedes the ravings of a lunatic show why 40 percent of this country will never vote for Obama and why we wouldn't want them.
1In part two of Demonic Awareness Month, Julie wishes for an X-ray machine for demons.
3Oh no! The election is over McCain wins! Hand writing analysis and astrology never lie!.
6There is a power behind Obama! Could it be.....Satan?.
0 In delightfully nutty post worthy of a cheesey horror novel Julie declares October Demonic Awareness Month and bookends her post with fart jokes, one concerning "silent but deadly demons" and the other, you guessed it, Kangaroos.