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November 2008[edit]

11Possible proof of the existence of God as Ann Coulter's jaw is literally wired shut.
7Remember the name Odontochelys semitestacea. You may need it when you get tired of citing Archaeopteryx. See BBC News and Science blogging. Countdown to accusations of forgery and whatnot by the YEC crowd starts now.
1Hanlon's razor in action?
3If you lived in a state or congressional district with a tight race, a hard-right organization called Freedom's Watch may have inundated your local airwaves with attack ads. It seems that all those ads have had what might be called a "cleansing" effect. (Har har, chortle chortle.)
3You can bet that psycho fundies will cite this encouraging report as further evidence that math, science and modern medicine are really the devil's handmaidens.
8 Florida judge, There is no rational basis to prohibit gay parents from adopting. We salute you, Cindy Lederman!
3The scream team of Hannity and Colmes is to break up after 12 long years on the air.
2The largely defensive weapon of taser.
4"Mommy? Would it really be such a bad thing if an ignorant rube became vice president?"
"Well, dear, just imagine scenes like this spread over a four-year term, then ask me that again." (Warning! Video depicts animal slaughter.)
3Scientist developing interplanetary level internet: Interplanetary Internet.
3Obama's interest about Abraham Lincoln is explained because he was a close associate in a former life.
-3Video of UFOs in Austin, TX. UFOs must be real, 'cause seeing is believing....
3The line between reality and online fantasy becomes ever more blurred...
3Scientists create a more efficient method of synthesizing antimatter. It's not tons of antimatter, but it's still a step in the right direction. 100 billion positrons synthesized.
4Mix a 16-month old toddler and a deer hunter with a loaded gun. We already know that this will end tragically.
4Mere words fail.
Pirates take a super-tanker. Although piracy appears to be on the up in recent months it's yet to be seen if there's an effect on global temperatures.
2Dan Rather's lawsuit against CBS brings the GOP and conservative bias into focus
3Let's get it on, in the name of the Lord.
3An early shot in the War on Christmas nonsense that gets the fundies riled up every year: Colorado based Focus on the Family has compiled a list of Quote: "Christmas-friendly" retailers, "Christmas-negligent" retailers and "Christmas-offensive" retailers."
5A S.C. priest reminds everyone the best reason of all to be nonreligious: When you don't follow church doctrine, Crazy right wingers can't hold your soul hostage.
4Scientists get the first images of an extrasolar planet, albeit a fuzzy one, Can't wait for the 42 meter European Extremely Large Telescope.
3The family of Martin Luther King Jr continues to honor his spirit and memory in the public sphere by fighting over his papers in court and demanding a cut from vendor sales of Obama/King merchandise. It appears they have a dream as well: lots and lots of money.
4Convicted Ted Stevens may lose his senate seat after all!
5As of the morning of November 12th, Connecticut has become the third state to allow same sex couples to marry and only the second to currently offer this equality. News reports of swarms of locust heading northward from Mississippi riding lightning bolts are currently unverified.
5Rationality seems to be catching as Jerusalem elects a new secular mayor.
5Catholic Bishops vow to forcefully confront Barack Obama over his support for choice. Here's hoping they lose their tax exempt status (along with the Mormons).
22 Election of Obama spikes al-qaeda's rhetoric
3 Renegade takes over in the White house. Radiance is my personal favorite.
5Anyone looking for a job? Get some rationality into government. Give it a try!
2*SIGH*... Here we go again.
4Israeli monks in Christianity's holiest church put on a stunning display of Christian behavior: They beat each other senseless with at least one claim of a sucker punch and resulting in Israeli riot police breaking up the fight with assault rifles.
2Gun Control Rule # 1: Don't give a gun to a child and don't train them in how to use firearms. Naturally, gun nuts can't even manage that and yet another preventable tragedy happens.
4Both Utah and Mormonism are to face severe punishment for the Mormons' involvement in the passing of Proposition 8 in California.
2Silverton, Oregon, population 9500, becomes the first city in the United States to elect an openly transgendered mayor. (He was transgendered, but closeted, when he served as Silverton's mayor in the 1990s.)
3A Democrat won the election? Quick, lets go buy some mostly defensive weapons of gun
1Reid seeks to show Lieberman that there's no love for one who betrays their party.
3Berlusconi on Obama: "He has a great tan!"
12Get ready! McCain campaign loyalists are bringing out the long knives to chop up Sarah Palin. First up, she thought Africa was a country, not a continent.
4Massive survey shows that ability to absorb ultraviolet radiation safely is no longer a major issue.
9The world is happy with Obama's win.
45Obama Wins!!
5A new study finds that even extremely liberal (or conservative) professors have almost no influence on the political leanings of college students. There goes that "liberal indoctrination on campus" seminar.
4 CNN tells us what we already know: there are angry people on the intrenets.
2Obama's grandmother dies at 86. What effect will this have on the election? And is it heartless to ask?