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July 2020

15Puerto Rico Severe drought prompts water rationing in Puerto Rico
27United States Conservatives are flocking to a new "free speech" social media app that bans liberal users
13Canada A member of the Canadian Army Reserves' Canadian RangersWikipedia's W.svg drove his personal vehicle through the gates at Rideau HallWikipedia's W.svg, the residence of Governor General Julie Payette and PM Justin Trudeau, armed with 'several weapons'. He is currently in custody on 22 charges.
14China Hong Kong Hong Kong police arrest more than 300 protestors under China's new security law
18United Kingdom Historian and TV presenter David StarkeyWikipedia's W.svg says, "Slavery was not genocide otherwise there wouldn't be so many damn blacks in Africa or Britain, would there?" His college at Cambridge University has accepted his resignation.
15United Kingdom Tories' austerity measures have killed a quarter of a million people over a decade
22the World Hundreds of brands are boycotting Facebook for a month, though the network's greatest advertisers are quietly not participating
15New Zealand United Kingdom United States India Iran It has been revealed that around twenty years ago New Zealand’s intelligence services broke into the embassies of India and Iran in Wellington on behalf of MI6 and the CIA to photograph code books, plant bugs and steal communications.
14United States Despite the U.S. being in the worst recession since the Great Depression, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ personal wealth is now over $171 billion due to rising sales and corporate share price.
19United States Minnesota. Pharmaceutical industry group sues to stop Minnesota's new insulin affordability program
7United Kingdom European Union "Iconic" crime figures were among 746 arrests after messages on EncroChat were intercepted and decoded. More than two tonnes of drugs, several dozen guns and £54m in suspect cash have been seized, says the UK's National Crime Agency.
8United States Washington. At least 23 people have been arrested when the police storm the "Autonomous Zone" after Mayor Jenny Durkan gives an executive order to clear the protest zone
12Italy Italian customs police have seized a massive haul of amphetamines produced by DAESH. The haul has been estimated at €1bn.
15United States So much for separation of Church and State...
15United States Mexico Canada The USMCA trade agreement come into force from today July 1st 2020, superseding and replacing the 26 year old NAFTA free-trade treaty.
16Finland The Finnish Air Force is quietly retiring its swastika logo after 100 years of use. Usage outside of Finland, especially with peacekeeping work has given the force second thoughts.
10United Kingdom France Spain European Union Aviation giant Airbus will cut over 15,000 jobs across Europe