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October 2008[edit]

6This is exactly why everyone should have the largely defensive weapon of AK-47 assault rifle in their homes: So they can shoot and kill all the twelve year olds trick or treating with their familes on Halloween.
2The echo of a slamming stable door in the Vatican. Priests to face 'sex drive tests'.
1"I'm Elizabeth Dole, and I approved this steaming load of crap."VIDEO North Carolina sounds like a haven for fundy idiots very odd place. First, one member of their congressional delegation stated that liberals hate "real Americans." Now, Senator Dole has accused her opponent -- a Presbyterian church elder and Sunday school teacher -- of being anti-Christian.
6Christians pray before golden calf for strong economy, fail to appreciate irony.
4Australian newspaper reports on Vatican's acceptance of evolution. & mentions Palin's creationism. "Meanwhile, a recent Pew survey found that for the first time in more than a decade, a majority of Americans think religious organizations should stay out of politics."
1Malaysia bans women wearing trousers and practicing yoga over fears of uncontrolled lesbianism.
3Bloomberg reports that according to a British Medical Journal study, half of American physicians surveyed report prescribing placebos to their patients. No wonder your new super-advanced medication looks like Nilla wafers...
6Evangelicals see an Obama win as the beginning of the End Times - "it is exciting for us as conservatives because we can actually see what God prophesied coming about".
68-year-old fatally shoots self with uzi his father handed him at a gun show. His father (a doctor himself) describes death as "a mystery".
2Other Republican mavericks are concerned about McCain's candidacy? Dear, oh dear...
7Ted Stevens guilty on all seven counts!
6The government foils a skinhead plot to assassinate Obama.
1P.J. O'Rourke on cancer, death, God, and evolution.
3It fairly makes a person cry that this has to be done, but at least there's hope.
3The U.S. attacks Syria.
5TERROR ALERT!!! “Twitter has also become a social activism tool for socialists, human rights groups, communists, vegetarians, anarchists, religious communities, atheists, political enthusiasts, hacktivists and others (i.e., everyone...) to communicate with each other and to send messages to broader audiences.
2Look out! Rogue moose!
5Crazy fundies offer their view of an Obama presidency: WE'RE ALL SCREWED!!!! FEAR THE BLACK MAN, FEAR HIM!!
2Sarah Palin shits on fruit fly research. C. elegans was unavailable for comment.
2When you look into Russia, Russia looks back into you.
0Free speech? Not in my France. [1]
2Something that can travel faster than Godspeed?
1Al-Qaeda supporters back John McCain.
1A plant in Queens kinda sorta looks like Hindu god Ganesh if you look at it the right way. It goes without saying, of course that it healed a follower's chronic pain.
1KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has posted the raw audio of a July, 2007 interview of Sarah Palin. (If you think she sounds like a dim bulb now. . . .)
3 A helpful hint for the RNC: if you're going to portray a vice-presidential candidate as folksy and like the average American, don't blow $150,000 on their wardrobe.
5The atheist bus slogan goes ahead. Be sure to read and re-read Stephen Green's (of pressure group Christian Voice) comments for a full irony meter blow out!
1Iceland is bankrupt. What is glossed over in this story is that Iceland rejected social democratic economics in favor of supply side economics in 1991. Their conversion was so complete that every Icelander's share of the national debt is now more than $200,000. (Compare that to the U.S. where, after 27 years of Reaganomics, each American's share of the national debt is about $26,000.)
2LittleBigPlanet, the hotly anticipated PS3 release is delayed... because the background music apparently contains a few words from the Koran...
2A poll by Mercer University and Faith in Public LifePDF found that 57% of Southern Evangelical Christians think torture is often or sometime justified. However, acceptance of torture declines when they rely on "Christian teachings and beliefs" rather than "life experiences and common sense."
7Republican, retired General, former Head of the Joint Chief's of Staff and former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, has endorsed Barack Obama as the candidate for whom he will vote in the 2008 election. In passing, he slammed McCain's negative tactics. Be entertained by the way Fox News opens the article in a fair and balanced way.
7Revenge of Web 2.0! Michele Bachmann, a right-wing creationist representative from Minnesota, embraced her inner McCarthy calling for an investigation into anti-Americanism in Congress. Her comments went viral and spurred by the blogosphere an amazing $500,000 was raised for her opponent El Tinklenberg.
1A rare moment of true peace in the 2008 election. Both candidates take a stop at the Al Smith Memorial Dinner to do some stand up comedyVideo
2A McCain aid has gone on the record as saying the senator is ahead in "real Virginia." The McCain camp and RNC then demanded a DOJ investigation for voter fraud in fake Virginia.
2A record 100,000 people rallied in MO for Obama this picture is amazing.
3Internal Republican women's newsletter contains cartoon of Obama food stamps, complete with fried chicken and watermelon racist clichés. Ironically, the cartoon originated on a satirical blog several months ago, as a lampoon of racist right wing Republicans.
3Attempt to sue God for terrorist threats has been tossed over due to lack of address to notify God of the case (Wasn't he omniscient?).
5Christopher Buckley: "Eight years of 'conservative' government has brought us a doubled national debt, ruinous expansion of entitlement programs, bridges to nowhere, poster boy Jack Abramoff and an ill-premised, ill-waged war conducted by politicians of breathtaking arrogance. As a sideshow, it brought us a truly obscene attempt at federal intervention in the Terry Schiavo case." (Oops, someone forgot to add a link - also, he got "excused" from his dad's magazine over this.)
5The national debt clock has run out of digits. In anticipation of continued Reaganomics, the new clock to be installed next year will count up to $1 quadrillion!
7Sarah Palin drops the ceremonial first puck at Flyers game and nearly gets booed out of the building.
2The impossible has been done: North Korea has been taken off the U.S. terror list.
8On Friday, October 10, Connecticut joined the real world as it became the third state in the Union to recognize gay marriage. Three down, 47 to go!
4Because, sometimes even a pick-up truck, with a gun rack just isn't getting your point across.
1A Catholic priest, homemade pornography and (police posing as) a fourteen-year-old-boy. A match made in heaven.
5A rough day for McCain on the campaign trail. The Republican senator was booed by his own supporters after calling Obama "decent."
3Austria's Joerg Haider, Nazi defender and former cause for sanctions from the EU dies in a car accident
5Sarah Palin abused her power but broke no law in the troopergate scandal.
5McCain gets shot down by the scientific community after criticizing the Adler Planetarium for its mean, wasteful $3 million overhead projector.
4Not only is Obama polling the highest ever in national polls, but he's doing even better on the electoral count. All the state-analysis sites agree: [2] [3] [4] [5]
3An American Carol didn't bomb because it sucked, it bombed because of a country wide liberal movie theatre conspiracy.The AAC website removed the original posting after widespread ridicule, but the text was saved
1A special shout out to the country of Brazil, who recently paid to fly several penguins back to their icy home
2Really Condi?
0Those Kenyans sure know their Goats.
0Pope Nazi the Third issues a dire warning that the Catholic Church and all of organized Christianity are in danger of becoming extinct. ::HIGH FIVE::
3Dick Morris can be dismissed, he's crazy... But when Karl Rove projects an Obama victory, the Republicans are in trouble
4When a woman who has problems with simple geography says that someone is "palling around" with terrorists, it's hard to take them seriously.
2McCain tries to forge new ground in the last throes of the election. By using the same tired tactics.
0Friday movie openings include Bill Maher's religion satire/documentary Religulous and a conservative attempt at satire with a new "Michael Moore" film. Friday's box office numbers have Religulous at $1 million in 502 theaters while An American Carol earned $1.3 million from 1,639 screens.
4God's not just cool - he's a financial whizz too! Like, God helped countless Americans get a no-money-down, 5 year ARM.
4Gasp! The Curse of the Billy Goat still plagues Chicago.
2Sarah Palin's greatest hits.
2MTV awards get Rickrolled!
8Sarah Palin cannot name a single newspaper or magazine that she has read
8When friggin' newsmax has Barack Obama winning big, something is in the works.
3Asia Times: "Bush had no plan to catch Bin Laden"