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December 2008[edit]

5New York Times: Religion gives you more self-control. Obviously these people should get a clue.
3Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, child of Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, is born. Barring a miracle, there's no hope that this kid doesn't become as fucked up as the rest of his wackaloon fundie family.
6Saying what we already knew, Abstinence vows are ineffective.. The highlight, "taking a pledge doesn't seem to make any difference at all in any sexual behavior.".
1That's so crazy it might just work: A plan to fight global warming with a global sprinkler system.
3Vandals once again desecrate the Christmas festivities by setting fire to the Holy Goat
2Many Russians still regard Stalin as a national hero, and government whitewashing of his atrocities continues.
2And now, a Christmas message from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security: Be afraid. Be very afraid. (At least for the next five years.)
4Oops! Bush confirms his status as the biggest nitwit ever to occupy the White House makes history (maybe) by becoming (or so it appears) the first president to rescind one of his own pardons. (Historians are still checking to see if any previous presidents rescinded any of their pardons. They'll let us know when they're done checking.)
2Here he comes!
4It's the apocalypse. Pat Robertson "Criticizes Bush, Praises Obama."
11 Guy in a beautifully embroidered dress says "that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour was as important as protecting the environment."
12In one of the more despicable hate-crimes in recent memory, a San Francisco lesbian is brutally gang-raped because of her sexual orientation. One analyst says that "Anytime there is an anti-LGBT initiative, we tend to see spikes both in the numbers and the severity of attacks. People feel this extra entitlement to act out their prejudice."
4Bush's internet strategist Michael Connell - who knew too much a lot about the 2006 Ohio voter fraud case - dies in a mysterious airplane crash.
3Uh-oh. The new long-drive champ in women's golf was born a man - a one-time 245-pound SWAT cop, no less. The real world has ignored this since her 22 October win, so the media (i.e., Fox Sports) feels the need to stir up some outrage. Favorite line: she beat her closest opponent (the reigning long-drive champ) because of a 40 mph headwind.
2What's the difference between Hollywood libruls and the Bush Administration? Hollywood libruls are now consulting scientists to make their movies more accurate. Because it's more important for Titanic to have an accurate star field than it is to stop climate change.
3Wanna know what you should do when a state Attorney General (oh, say from California) calls for the nullification of a law infringing on equal rights? You listen.
3The results of mandatory sentences; the mentally ill being kept in prison isolation.
10Remember, there is NO religious intolerance in the Bible Belt.
10South Korean actress (with a slightly ironic name) is convicted of adultery, despite arguing that the outdated law is an infringement of privacy and human rights.
2Democracy comes to the internet.
2Bettie Page dies in LA at the ripe old age of 85
3Burger King decides to take the idea of diversification to its logical extreme..... WTF?
4Shameless, the Bush administration spend their final hours kicking back to the corporate interests who served them so well. Why is it only Iraqis who have the courage to throw their shoes at the man?
3BlackBerry: $20, McCain-Palin's Contacts: Priceless
9Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoes At George Bush Jr., Microphone Beats Up Dana Perino
4Mexico's playboy decides December would be a perfect month to piss off every Catholic in the world.
5With just 40 days left until the White House is exorcised, the Bushies' shift their war on science into overdrive.
3 Vatican: Babies made without sex are EVIL. Not fertile enough? Too bad, so sad, try prayer. [1]
3The IWF backs down. Score one for common sense!
5Bush on creationism.
4Democracy comes at last to a place almost untouched by modern civilisation; no cars, no buses and feudal laws dating back to the 16th century. Some middle eastern or third-world Aftrican country liberated by a western coalition? No. It's in the United Kingdom!
4Newsweek: Anti-gay sentiments are NOT biblical.
3Wednesday (10 December) is International Human Rights Day. Activists want people worldwide to protest Proposition Hate by taking a sick day after calling in gay.
4This will set a cat amongst the CP pigeons.
4As stated earlier on the "What's going on in the Blogosphere?" page, Donofrio v. Wells is dead. Now it's official.
2What those crazy Christians are buying this Kitschmas
4 UK ISPs censor Wikipedia. "The page that they cannot view is about an relatively obscure 70s heavy metal band, Scorpions, and it has been blocked because it includes an image of a controversial album cover. That cover shows a naked child ..."
3If a Midwestern federal judge appointed by Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton overturn a conviction, it's a sure thing that the mouthbreathers Dubya appointed to the 6th District Court of Appeals will reverse the lower court's decision.
2Next stop, Iowa.
2Prescription Handguns For the Elderly and Disabled: This Won't End Well.
3It turns out that the CEO of Cinemark Theaters donated $9999 to Prop Hate. Now the organizers of the Utah-based Sundance Film Festival are scrambling to find "alternate sites" to the Cinemark-owned theaters that traditionally screen the festival's independent (i.e., usually gay-friendly) films. I wonder how much money Cinemark will make off the movie Milk?
3B-b-but without hookers and pot, Amsterdam would be just another expensive, rainy northern European city.
3Kentucky atheists have sued over a state law requiring the state's Office of Homeland Security to stress its "dependence on Almighty God as being vital to the security of the Commonwealth."
2Having already already pardoned a guy who killed bald eagles, now Georgey wants to get rid of the rest of those pesky endangered species. And tourists.
2So, if the recession began in December, 2007, why did it take an entire year for the official announcement? Could it be that economists (government and private sector) have been cooking the books to keep people spending and investing? As Captain Renault would say, we are shocked, shocked, to find gambling going on here.
2Two new editions of the Bible are released, catering to hipsters, goths and environmentalists. Expect an outraged explosion from the fundies in three...two...
5Prop 8 was spurred on by religion?! To a California poll we say, "No. Fucking. Shit."
4 Rationalwiki throws it's full support behind Prop. 8 the Musical for the 2009 Tony for best musical showcasing the stupidity of the Religious Right.
2 Conservative Episcopalians, angry at teh ebil librul Episcopalian dioceses, form their own conservative dioceses. Won't this be fun.
3Let's not forget that voters started electing Conservatives in the 1980s as a revolt against the many small taxes that the Cons claimed were frivolous, excessive, intrusive, et cetera. So, when our newly elected progressive officials propose new taxes on sweeping fallen leaves, or emergency assistance after automobile collisions, remind them that they risk incurring another backlash.
3A little old, but next time a fundie claims that only Atheists sue over Christmas displays, remind them about this. UPDATE: An "atheistic sign" has been added to this display.
2In Britain, Conservative Party councillors come from all walks of life. Businessmen. Housewives. Managers. IRA interpreters.
4More proof of God as students counter-protest the Westboro Baptist Church.
6We already knew, but now it's official: Recession!
5"No sex please, we're British?"... Well, now that we're poor...