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This is an archive page, last updated 22 February 2015. Please do not make edits to this page.
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Any chance of adding Moonbats and then replacing it with this on the navigation box>?--PalMD-Goatspeed! 00:26, 4 July 2007 (CDT)

Folks, as this develops, let's consider either a mainpage link or nav box link. Suggestions?--PalMD-Goatspeed! 17:52, 5 July 2007 (CDT)
Yes, it should go in "contents" as soon as it is worthy. humanbe in 18:05, 5 July 2007 (CDT)
Keep collecting, folks...I'd like to get this up on the mainpage.--PalMD-Goatspeed! 15:30, 6 July 2007 (CDT)
OK, i think we're getting close, but we are humorless bastards, unless we put b4b there. Prob clean up the comments re each blog before putting it on frontpage, making it more objective and newsy.--PalMD-Goatspeed! 23:54, 6 July 2007 (CDT)
I'd like to see a few folks chime in as to whether we can mainpage this soon. I can't frankly tell, but i'd like to at some point if the community wishes.--PalMD-Goatspeed! 18:23, 9 July 2007 (CDT)
Sure, why not? Of course, I've been willing to run roughshod over the mainpage at a moment's whim. --jtltalk 18:45, 9 July 2007 (CDT)
Yippee kye aye...--PalMD-Goatspeed! 19:18, 9 July 2007 (CDT)

to be sure to be sure[edit]

it's called this cos of bog roll? ДιЯɖі$ɧ ɥοםЄʟβЯƏакĐΩωΝ 14:28, 13 July 2007 (CDT)


Ed Braytons "Dispatches from the Culture Wars" probably under Miscellaneous. — Unsigned, by: / talk 04:55, 30 July 2007 (UTC)


I didn't realize we had a separate file. I prefer "Links" as the master filename, but I don't care if it is. I know (because I added them) that some of the blogroll links are non-blog. Should they be separated out, or should they all be merged (by topic)? Do we need to know, or does anybody care, if a link is a blog (ie, allows reader comment) or not? humanbe in 15:28, 29 August 2007 (CDT)

Either way sounds good to me.--PalMD-Ars longa, vita brevis 16:47, 29 August 2007 (CDT)
Yea either way, though I do like the term "blogroll" but its not totally accurate. Either way this needs some clean up of the organization I think. tmtoulouse torment 17:07, 1 September 2007 (CDT)
We have at least three "cats" here to skin - straightforward blogs, "normal" websites, and comix (thanks, Kels!). Gawd, I hate webcomics, I can never read them. Can we figure out a way to reorg the content on these lines, with sub cats (politics, religion, etc.), or vice versa - by topic then type? humanbe in 16:58, 4 September 2007 (CDT)


Since it turns up on the contents list, can we make the filename more inclusive of what's here? Dumbass suggestions:

  • Blogs and Links
  • Links and Blogs
  • Links, Blogs, and Spam
  • Spam, Eggs, Links, and Blogs
  • Sausage Links and Bacon Strips
  • Blogs and Sites we like

Well, I probably meant at least one of those. humanbe in 16:57, 4 September 2007 (CDT)

Goat. -- מְתֻרְגְּמָן וִיקִי שְׁלֹום!

front page?[edit]

didn't we used to have a permalink on the front page? Also, something is rumbling at Blogs4Moonbats.--PalMD-If it looks like a donut, eat it 12:42, 13 October 2007 (EDT)

Broken links galore....[edit]

Anything left of the rationalblogs? Sterile idiot 22:57, 6 June 2009 (UTC)