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I am essentially not reading Conservapedia any more, and for the past month or so (essentially July 2007) I haven't done a great job keeping up with RW either. I'm intending and expecting to do a better job going forward, but it's entirely possibly I've missed something I should have seen or will miss something in the future. If you think there's something I should see and posting on my talk page doesn't get my attention, feel free to send me email at todd.larason at

About Me

I'm Todd Larason, a software developer currently residing in the Pacific Northwest.

I used to be cp:User:Jtl, but I was blocked for being User:Icewedge (I'm not) or because I conspired to commit vandalism (I didn't). The CP Sysop who said the latter later told me "i am going to try to get you unblocked", but I assume he failed to get past the junta (TK).

I have also been called a "terrorist". Even if I am unblocked, I won't be partcipating at Conservapedia unless and until TK apologizes and retracts, or is no longer a sysop.

I'm also wp:User:jtl.

Full & Complete Disclosure of My Conservapedia Sockpuppets

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