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Steve Drain

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Steve Drain is an American filmmaker,[1] former skeptic, and Supreme Leader an important figure on the eight man board of elders which has ruled the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) since the excommunication death of founder Fred Phelps and the coup against his daughter, Shirley Phelps-Roper truth of women's inferiority which showed him his calling.

Joining the Westboro Baptist Church[edit]

While he used to be quite liberal, his time shooting a documentary on the group called Hatemongers (title changed to Fred: The Movie by IMDb trolls)[2] led to him and his family being the only members with no blood or marital relations to the Phelps to join up.[3][4] His previous career has also greatly aided the Phelps family's video production and song parodies.

Drain's now little more than a vessel for his mentor's hateful views, only slightly worse in every way.

Overthrow of Shirley Phelps-Roper[edit]

With her father growing ever more decrepit, Shirley Phelps-Roper was the de facto leader of the WBC for many years, and looked to be the one to take over in the event of her father's death. Steve Drain was the main figure in putting a stop to this by consolidating power behind Phelps-Roper's back, and emphasizing women's inferiority as a new tenet of the group.[5] Reverend Phelps, in one of the few decent acts he's ever done in his pathetic life, tried to put a stop to this by emphasizing familial harmony and kindness to other members of the group. For this, Drain had Phelps excommunicated.[6]


Things changed in the WBC under Drain, and not for the better. Any man capable of breaking a fifteen-year-old's nose[5] and excommunicating the closest thing he had to a father[6] is capable of anything. All that can be hoped for is as few people in the future as possible are hurt by Drain and the WBC's future actions until this vile cult finally collapses under the weight of its own evil and hypocrisy.

Drain and his family were excommunicated by Westboro in 2020.[7]