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Category:Right-wing activists

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A right-wing activist is a person who actively advocates in favour of right-wing ideas.

As with most political activists, they often represent the most extreme elements within their movement.

In the United States, right wing activists focus mainly on their opposition to the separation of religion and state, abortion, (homo)sexuality, and immigration while glorifying the military and nationalism, or, in their own words: "patriotism".

Middle Eastern activists advocate theocracy, believe western influences on their judicial systems should be modified, or even abandoned in favour of religious law. Socially-conservative views on (homo)sexuality also play an important role in this movement.

In Europe, these activists focus mainly on immigration issues, particularly the so-called "Islamification" of Europe and crime.

In Australia, right wing activists largely oppose the alleged Islamification of the country like their European counterparts, are also highly patriotic and constantly stress the need for "strong borders". To some degree, sections of the Australian right express racist tendencies towards migrants, particularly those from Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

It must be noted that European conservatives may appear to be centrists or even left-wing by American or Middle Eastern standards.

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