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Paul Johnson and A History of the American People[edit]

@Ephrom, there is a book called A History of the American People, written by the conservative historian Paul Johnson that talks sinks deep into this 1960 election bullshit. (I'm surprised that we don't have a main space page on Johnson). If you wanna know the levels of bullshit on the book, here is a passage on the 1960 election:

If Nixon, instead of Kennedy, had carried Texas and Illinois, the shift in electoral votes would have given him the presidency, and the evidence of electoral fraud makes it clear that Kennedy’s overall 112,803 vote plurality was a myth: Nixon probably won by about 250,000 votes. Evidence of fraud in the two states was so blatant that a number of senior figures, including Eisenhower, urged Nixon to make a formal legal challenge to the result. But Nixon declined. There had never been a recount on a presidential election and the machinery for one did not exist. A study of procedures in six states where fraud was likely showed that every state had different rules for recounts, which could take up to eighteen months. A legal challenge, therefore, would have produced a `constitutional nightmare’ and worked heavily against the national interest. Nixon not only accepted the force of this argument but he actually pleaded successfully with the New York Herald Tribune to discontinue a series of twelve articles giving evidence of the frauds, when only four had been printed.

I would write myself about Johnson either here or on another page, but I don't have time. But since you apparently like to read books about these cranks, you might find some "interesting" things there that you might want to add on this page. GeeJayKWhere all evil dwells Where every lie is true 16:27, 11 February 2024 (UTC)

@GeeJayK Thanks for turning my attention to this.