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About me
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I love politics, and thank Goat, I managed to get a job analyzing public policies. I think about Politics when I'm taking a shower, when I'm at the movies or at the gym. I even think about politics when I am with my wife. When I'm not thinking about politics I'm sleeping (even if I often dream about it). Yeah, I'm also very fun at parties. I love to talk about it with people who disagree with me even more, so feel free to contact me if you want to talk about it here. My English is far from perfect, so please, be patient.

Some things that I believe

Democracy and a constitutional, limited government must be defended from threats on both the left and right. Currently, the far-right poses a far greater threat to liberal democracy in most countries.

Liberal democracy is worth defending not only at home, but also abroad. Countries such as Ukraine and Taiwan shouldn't be left on their own.

"Liberty" and" "freedom" have different meanings. People are free to do whatever they want, as long as they respect the law. No ordered community is free if their members are starving though (more on that below).

Freedom of speech is for everyone — not only those we agree with. Nonetheless, we must always be intolerant with intolerance.

LGBT rights are human rights.

The church and state must always remain separate.

We should seriously consider banning guns. At least it should be illegal to carry a gun on the streets for most people.

From a purely consequentialist view, free market capitalism is profoundly good for the vast majority of humanity. Denying such statement is either borderline or straight out denialism depending on the level of disagreement.

Far from advocating for laissez-faire, I also find unquestionable that markets aren't perfect nonetheless. Regulations and the provision of public goods by the government should exist.

The government should also provide a strong social security. It also should provide healthcare and education for all (though those who are willing to pay should be allowed buy these services on the market). How such system should work is still up to debate.

Inequality is one of the main causes of political instability. Saying that inequality doesn't matter in the current age is a illiberal position.

Social democracy is a good idea and it unquestionably works in many countries, but it also has many limitations.

The best way to solve the housing crisis is with more housing. NIMBYism is segregation. Cars are bad for our neighborhoods, for our cities and for our planet. And yes, I have one. I'd rather not to. But I'm a human and I answer to the incentives I receive.

Free trade and open borders. Prosperity requires both the free movement of people and goods across borders, so regulations should be minimal. Immigration and trade made America great, and they can make it even greater. In the future, country discrimination will be perceived as something as bad as race discrimination. Nationalism is a failed religion.

Climate change is real. New technologies might help alleviating the problem, but we need to change our culture as well.

To be pro-science is to be pro-humanity. And that includes social sciences. If you can't post modern studies to back your claim and have to rely into older thinkers, your opinion is not based on evidence.

Some plans

This is not by any means an exhaustive list, and it's in no particular order. As I'm starting my phd, I will probably work on a slow, irregular schedule. Feel free to suggest or request an article too, I'll do my best.

Currently wriging draft:fiscal policy.

Soon (or at least I hope so):

In the long term

Not on economics

  • John Rawls (or at least an article on his book A Theory of Justice) - the greatest political philisopher of the 20th century
  • Paul Johnson - British wingnut historian
  • Our article on economic inequality doesn't explain very well why inequality matters. Gonna use the philosopher T. M. ScanlonWikipedia as a source to explain why it's a big deal. I'll also write about wayes to combat inequality.
  • Stalin apologetics - We don't cover some of Stalin crimes, like the Nazino tragedy. Also, Grover Furr and Domenico Losurdo deserve their own articles.
  • Vladimir Lenin - while our article is not by any means sympathetic toward Lenin, it doesn't cover enough his crimes
  • Stephan Kinsella - libertarian lawyer