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Editorial notes

Would be bronze, but bare links should be cleaned up and can probably use a few more refs. Other then that it's good.

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Degree figures[edit]

In my own sad and pedantic way I noticed that the figures were from 2003 not 2000, and I did a version with the 200 figures (which isn't really very different to be honest) - worth updating? Might try and improve the article generally as Worm (t | c) 19:39, 22 January 2009 (EST)


Those bastards stole their power From the victims of the Us v. Them years, Wrecking all that's virtuous and true, Undermining social democratic Downhill slide into absymbal, Lost lamb off the precipice into the trickle-down runoff pool

Cookie to anyone who gets the reference

Voter Breakdown Table[edit]

I'm not sure how to edit the table, but it appears to be missing an entry for Arkansas. Could someone who is more knowledgeable than me fix it please? JHadenfe (talk) 03:43, 15 December 2014 (UTC)

No racism intended[edit]

I mentioned Jewish people because that was part of the reason it got so much attention; an unusually large number of people in West Palm Beach, an area with a very high Jewish population, accidentally voted for Buchanan, a known anti-Semite. That said, I prefer the wording as it is now, apologies for the misunderstanding. (talk) 00:59, 27 January 2015 (UTC)

Can it be more racist??[edit]

" As if that weren't bad enough in and of itself, Palm Beach county also happens to have one of the highest concentrations of Jewish people in the country" ?! - especially when the jews vote mostly for the Democratic party.

That was part of why it became such a huge story; a place with a large Jewish population had one of the highest concentrations of votes for an anti-Semitic loon. It's not an attempt to rip on Jewish people, it's an important part of why this got so much attention. The Blade of the Northern Lights (話して下さい) 01:46, 9 May 2015 (UTC)