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Planted Weed[edit]

My "friend", who looks up to IT's delusional side like a God, said something about the police finding 2 ounces of weed in his car despite IT never doing drugs. My "friend" said that the weed was planted by the *insert boogeyman here* to stop him from spreading his bunk. I have no clue where he got that from, I can't find anything about it (all I can find is an arrest for robbery and assault). I had an argument about the illuminati with him (I were saying there's no way for the illuminati to exist, he was saying that they're planning a NWO) and he used the IT weed case as his (very frivilous) evidence. Anyone know about any marijuana incident IT had or something along those lines?--WMS (talk) 21:20, 18 May 2016 (UTC)

I've done enough research to conclude that he must have got this wrong.--WMS (talk) 16:50, 20 May 2016 (UTC)

Dance With the Devil[edit]

The article states that Dance With the Devil is about a presumptive real life experience he had of raping a woman, thay he later claimed was metaphorical. This is technically true, but is highly suggestive phrasing. It's kind of like claiming that Bob Marley claimed to have shot local sherrif John Brown. It strikes me as being extremely out of line.— Unsigned, by: / talk / contribs

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Your Bob Marley example is not comparable at all. I Shot the Sheriff does not have a single line where he claims that the song depicts a real life incident whereas Dance With the Devil has the following line "listen cause the story that I'm telling is true/cause I was there with Billy Jacobs and I raped his mom, too." which kinda implies he gave a truthful statement for which we have no evidence — therefore the word 'presumptive' (however alleged would be better in that case). However I can rewrite it. I admit the prose of the article is pretty weak and I've been reluctant to fix it. What do you like about this rephrasing: "also due to an infamous track where he recounts an alleged real life experience of raping a woman which Technique, for the sake of his dignity, has said was only meant metaphorically to highlight how gang culture negatively affects women in the Latino and Black community". NameThatNobodyTakes () 12:26, 4 September 2016 (UTC)
I just felt as though an uninformed and overly sympathetic (to the wiki) reader may come away from the original thinking that IT all but admitted to rape and later copped out. This simply does not seem the most likely interpretation to me, I never even heard of such a claim before. Your rewrite is satisfactory. To be specific, while I find that the criticism is still unfair (you cannot "recount" what hasn't happened, the allegation is unsourced, we cannot say whether IT said it was metaphorical to preserve is dignity or to preserve accuracy), the rewrite at least shows that the allegation is contentious. Thank you. (talk) 06:26, 6 September 2016 (UTC)

Whoever is twisting his words needs to look at him realistically.[edit]

Promotion of rape culture?

"But rumor has it that you're getting raped like Lil' Bow Wow" Please explain how this is promotion of rape culture? "RUMOR HAS IT"

""And if you're pissed off 'cause you think that I dissed you/I rape your moms and we can make this a personal issue"

This is a perfect reference to the user like NameThatNobodyTakes. You take his words at face value and don't understand that he is indirectly targeting people and he wants you to understand that if he were to "diss you" it would be something on a more direct and personal level.

"You not strong enough to do a song with me, I'm the truth/Like Tina Turner motherfucker, you'll get raped in a booth" (See how she is in the booth) You really twisted his words NameThatNobodyTakes

You made a page dedicated to slandering him because of the words he used and not the message of the song. Someone who is sensitive shouldn't be writing in wiki especially rationalwiki unless this site is just trying to be a joke.

I'll ask you a question, since just saying rape is promotion of rape. Why didn't you write racism?

"Run to the coon picnic and try to pick up a mammy/But half of y'all are faggots trying to pick up a tranny"

He said coon. So now he is a racist? He does any interview with youtubers because he has no marketer. He is trying to expose himself to the masses through his own means. Entertainers make it quit clear that when they say "faggot" it's not to offend gay people. Family guy, south park, and other various entertainment sources explain to the audience how the word is being used today. In south park Bikers were dubbed "Fags" and later the boys explain to the audience how the word is being used today ( Immortal Technique said in an interview that he doesn't have anything against anyone. (A quote from a gay man within the parody."look I'm homosexual, you guys might not be homosexuals, but your definitely fucking gay.") Here is a good example of a popular youtuber expressing that when people say things such as "this is so gay" they don't mean gay people Homosexual and gay are used for different meaning. Just like how white/black people aren't afraid of calling other white/black people the N-word or "Nigger" when they express anger. As a straight person with a 2 gay best friends, they say "that's so gay." Perhaps you should research euphemism before you start to twist words in lyrics.

"however he made sure to quickly relativize his statement to not sound like a complete unscientific moron. " With this statement alone, someone was hurt on a personal level by his lyrics. You should refrain from using wiki to insult people who indirectly insulted you. If you actually watch his interview or read up on who he is and his background you would not attack him on a personal level.

This entire page needs to be redone to show people who they really are. Also I find it funny how you even brought dirt back from long ago when he changed as a person. People change, reflect on it, write about what he actually thinks! You can't define a person from their lyrics alone. It's encrypted and actually takes thought to understand. I'm not against SJW, but these things you write about sound very SJW like. You left out nearly the thousands of positive messages he promoted in his music too. Some of his words are dark, but if you haven't understood yet, he is doing it because people who are very sensitive need to understand that the world is a dark place. If you are offended by everything he says without thinking and context the message will go right over your head. MK ultra listed under conspiracy theories? You do know MK ultra is real right?

This entire page is messed up because NameThatNobodyTakes got triggered by a few words, and not the meaning of his lyrics. If he promoted rape he would have dedicated the entire song to rape directly telling people to rape. If he wanted to promote Homophobia he would have directly said he disapproves of it. If I say "faggot" in a song, and then in a interview says he doesn't hate gay people, is he gay?

Here is something you should read in an interview to him NameThatNobodyTakes, this is a message from him to people like you

"I also remind people that want to criticize any language I use: how brave of you to do that, an individual who makes himself completely open and willing to debate his ideas rather than the people that are out there by the millions and millions of fans that are using way more poisonous language and way more defaming language and way more sexist, racist, classist, and homophobic stereotypes. If you really want to feel brave, you can confront them, because I guarantee you that’s going to be a much harder fight, which also brings up the point: What fight are we really fighting? The one that we feel pride and we can stroke our own ego at the end of the night, or the one that actually makes a difference."

This page completely misunderstands what Immortal Technique is saying. He also doesn't hate atheist and says he is more willing to be friends with an atheist than a religious person too. He questions god in his songs. And when he creates a song with multiple rappers, some flat out say I don't believe in god in the song. He allowed it, and doesn't care. If you can't handle his dark tone without being triggered (causing you to miss the entire point) don't even bother.

"The other thing, you have to have faith in people. At some point, I think we all have to come to terms with the fact that every human being is ruled by their emotions to a certain degree. And when we get away from that, and when we start being more human to one another, is when we show the best of ourselves, when we’re willing to sacrifice for someone. But, unfortunately, talking monkeys—which is what we are—are pretty selfish creatures. But when there’s some sort of cataclysm or catastrophe, it seems like it’s the only time we ever really come together and we start to realize we have more in common than we do apart. It’s like, when we’re freezing and we need each other’s body heat, then I don’t give a fuck where you from my dude."

He also called greek homosexuality apart of "human history." It appeared that he got scoffed at the line in the movie 300 when the Spartans called the Athenians "boy lovers" Twisting history, like how you (NameThatNobodyTakes) twist his words and mistake them as the actual meaning of the song or even the sentence!

"this ridiculous movie “300”, when the guy’s like, “They all want us as slaves”, as if the Greeks didn’t have slaves. He effeminizes the Athenians. He goes, “The Athenian boy lovers”, as if you motherfuckers in Sparta weren’t rolling around naked in a gymnasium with each other. C’mon, dude. At what point are we just going to have an honest conversation about the real history of humanity?"

— Unsigned, by: / talk / contribs