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Humbly flaunting my work[edit]

This is a list of all the articles where I consider myself to be the main author (depending on if I have been the editor with the largest byte change count). However feel free to edit. All articles which I haven't created but vastly expanded are marked with an asterisk (*). All articles which have been awarded with brainstars are noted as such.

What am I?[edit]

I'm a white-passing African-American/German mulatto. What does that even look like? In my case having a very high-yellow skin tone with largely African-American facial features. I get the question "Where you're from?" very often. Logically this question can mean anything from where I live, from which city I came from, etc. However what people usually mean is "What's your ethnic make-up?" When I don't care responding to the one aksing the "actual" question I simply pretend to have heard the literal question. When I respond with the answer people really want to hear I get the following reactions:

  • Black people: 99% accepting my answer and very welcoming
  • Turkish people + other Middle Eastern people: Nearly the same as above with a few unaccepting. However I get a pass and the virtue of not being called the dreadful term "Kartoffel."[note 1]
  • White people: "No, it can't be" "You're not black"; "If you're black, I'm black, too"; "Why you're so white. Don't you usually get more from the father anyway?", etc. while at the same time getting clowned for my yellow skin and sporting an Afro or cornrows. Statements like these are my reason why I don't want to talk with white people about this topic anymore and default to the "literal answer" as if I didn't knew how my parents look like or what is written in my birth certificate...

For the record, I identify mostly with African-American culture. Most of my research and understanding of it was done on my own (my father was pretty useless in that regard except from sowing the initial seed). German culture just doesn't gel with me.

Some innocent thoughts on religion and their followers[edit]

Experiencing various forms of discrimination and injustices in my early life, I stopped believing in a deity when I was about twelve. I read both the Bible and Quran, the former which took months because it was so ridiculously boring. It took a long time until I got my hands on the great The God Delusion which turned me into a borderline New Atheist. However while still an atheist, I became more forgiving about religious people, as I simply do not care as long as they don't proselytize or do other worse shit.

For whatever reason I find it very easy to become friends with devout Hijab-wearing Muslim women, which is baffling... being brought up in a predominantly Christian society it also still confuses me that you actually can flirt with these women.

My Political Evolution[edit]

I'm aware that in this day and age, people want something palpable about a person. So let me commence... I was raised by a mother who instilled social-democratic and mostly free-thinking values into me. My father was just there... he barely contributed anything, therefore I'm more or less a product of Post Traumatic Slave SyndromeWikipedia.
I was later highly joyous and ecstatic when the SPD won the German general election in 1998.
I never gave a shit that Monica gave head to Bill and I was then too ignorant of politics and completely swallowed the propaganda and justification for the Kosovo War which I've experienced in the German media then. However I also got a taste of the other side's propaganda, as I had heated debates about the Kosovo war on the schoolyard with a then-close Serbian friend and when I brought up the "lucky" shootdown of a F-117Wikipedia (I was quite the American patriot back then) he claimed that "hundreds of stealth bombers" were shot down by Yugoslavia's army... to which I responded that there were probably only a fraction of that number in the entire world.
In between that time, every now and then I read about a guy named Osama Bin Laden but didn't pay too much attention to him. It should be noted that most of the news I read were by using TeletextWikipedia - the internet wasn't that big of a part in my life then and dial-up connections were expensive and slow as fuck.
I was shattered when George W. Bush won the 2000 election in my home country and I began to turn Anti-AmericanismWikipedia from that point forward.

What came to be the moment that changed my perception of the world around me were the events on 9/11 and the government which I was so enthused about three years ago, immediately jumped onto the bandwagon of the "Afghanistan commitment". But I also deemed the arguments for dismantling the welfare state as bullshit as well. This might be the initial incitement for my anti-capitalist views and I became more and more disillusioned about the "perfect society" which was sold to me since a young age. Also the injustice leveled at Palestinians pissed me off to no end which eventually and unfortunately poisoned my mind with anti-semitism which was hard to shake off of me for a long time. However I grudgingly voted for the SPD again because the party promised no involvement in the impending disaster now known as the Iraq war.
I got into political and conscious Rap at the tail-end of my youth as the celebrations of ignorance in other forms of Rap were too much for my brain to cope with.
I stumbled upon Immortal Technique and he had an answer for all the things I had an issue with in this world and I promptly became, what was always at the bottom of my heart, a socialist and I read Capital, Vol. 1 by Marx and I admit it was way too complicated to understand, he definitely was an awful writer.

Now I embraced the Left Party in the coming elections and came upon an article from the WSWSWikipedia which enraged me which was highly critical of the post-Stalinist Left Party. However their website (which had a really awful HTML 3.2 design) was so intriguing for me then, that I eventually turned into a Trotskyist. I basically never questioned the conspiracy theories espoused on that website and I was ideologically affiliated with their version of the Fourth International (ICFI). One thing I can thank them for however is that I never came to the temptation to be uncritically happy when Obama was elected. I got a taste of sectarianismWikipedia a little later when two dialectical zealots among the ICFI got ex-communicated for simply publishing their opinions which were out of the party line on a separate website. I realized that Trotskyism was prone to the same evil qualities like Stalinism and I was again thrusted into an ideological dilemma which wasn't as bad as the first one because during that time I was so sick that I didn't care for anything except my life anyway. To become healthy again I became a vegan without passing the vegetarian phase. I came across multiple cranks when traversing the internet for veganism, which I hope I will turn into articles one day.

Some years later and healthy again I tried to dabble again in reading news and I had another attempt at reading Marx' and Engels' work which again was as painful as it was almost a decode before. Then I stumbled onto anarchism which gave me socialism without the authoritarianism of morons with a messianic savior complex, and I found one of the last pieces of the puzzle for my enlightenment: that hierarchies, no matter where they are found are undesirable, basically something I thought since childhood but never knew until then that there was a social theory behind the concept.
As that school of socialism is far more open to dissent, I immediately realized that there was a fair amount of cranks within that movement and I did my best to stay clear of any of that, which I would say is the beginning of my rationalism.

After the encounter of multiple irrational idiots in my life over the previous years, I came to the conclusion that I had to dead all of my irrational behaviors and beliefs in conspiracy theories as well and now became a full-blown rationalist.

In all of this, I forgot to mention that I used to be an avid gamer, but my enthusiasm for video games declined when the pile of excrement also known as Gamergate didn't want to completely submerge into the cesspool where it belongs. And yes, I'm still vegan.
Today I consider myself a rationalist arm-chair anarcho-communist, arm-chair because I admit that I'm too lazy to do shit due to my social anxietyWikipedia, and anarcho-communist because it's the type of society which seems the most desirable to me.


  1. Kartoffel, German for potato, an ethnic slur for Germans, which is pretty funny to use most of the time if among foreigners.