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Is this read as "Nexium"?--ZooGuard (talk) 15:13, 6 August 2012 (UTC)

Fuck knows. Sounds plausible, though. Haven't dredged through the many, many pages of info sufficiently yet. But Rick Ross's article list is there for someone who's really interested - David Gerard (talk) 17:07, 6 August 2012 (UTC)

intentional malnutrition is also a cult control tool[edit]

hi, don't know who would/wouldn't want to add this but just felt like mentioning this here since rationalwiki is the site where facts that discomfit the powerful can actually get reported (unlike that other wiki). So NXIVM's practice of putting its cultists on 500 cal/day starvation rations isn't just the superficial "Keith likes the Ana look for his harem" thing everyone seems to be assuming. It's also a key brainwashing tool deployed by many cults. Malnutrition is proven to cause certain predictable losses of cognitive function and reduces the ability to engage in critical thought. Cults do it to keep their membership from questioning or thinking independently. Scientology is famous for this, but others have used the tactic including some autocratic regimes. Calcium deficiency is known to cause cognitive deficits in learning and memory, for example. evidence of overall malnutrition's role in cognitive impairment: hypocalcemia can cause cognitive impairment:

None of this should be surprising, the brain is an organ and it requires more than just oxygenated blood to do its job. Healthy minds need healthy diets and the last thing a cult leader wants is to be trying to keep healthy minds under control. --profN — Unsigned, by: / talk / contribs

Rick Ross website[edit]

Just tried to link to the site and it seems it's no longer owned by him - looks like a gambling-related site now. Autarch 20:23, 29 October 2020 (UTC)

yeah, he sold to Rick Ross the rapper - David Gerard (talk) 19:26, 9 November 2020 (UTC)