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You won the Board[edit]

Congratulations to you and the other two new members, Bob M and LeftyGreenMario. —Kazitor Kazitor sig pic.png 21:38, 12 September 2018 (UTC)

Congrats Mr. Inane Dingbat! --It's-a me, LeftyGreenMario!(Mod) 21:40, 12 September 2018 (UTC)
And here I was thinking I'd escaped it and Rob was stuck with getting his wish ... - David Gerard (talk) 22:17, 12 September 2018 (UTC)
If that's the case, my severe condolences on your victory. RoninMacbeth (talk) 22:27, 12 September 2018 (UTC)
just indulging my inner martyr
just imagine though, Rob waking up to discover he literally has fiduciary and mission responsibility to do his best for RationalWiki, and is in fact legally required to, because that was what he asked for - David Gerard (talk) 22:39, 12 September 2018 (UTC)
The confirmation that I definitely won't have to hold my nose and work with Rob has got my day off to a good start. Congratulations on your re-election. That means that everything should carry on at least as smoothly as it ever did. Speak to you soon. Spud (talk) 01:40, 13 September 2018 (UTC)

Mod Election[edit]

The people standing in the 2018 mod election are:

The ballot readers are:

And the election is supposed to run:

19 November 2018
26 November 2018

This needs you to do stuff. ^_^ This message is approved by Dysklyver Ensign of the Duke of Cornwall.svg (brebmyn) 10:44, 17 November 2018 (UTC)

kewl, I'll put it live some time on Mon 19 nov - David Gerard (talk) 10:45, 17 November 2018 (UTC)
ok, I was gonna put this live now, but I don't have the right ssh key on my office PC - so I'll have to do this this evening - David Gerard (talk) 08:38, 19 November 2018 (UTC)
PING @Dysklyver @Shabidoo - Special:Election is live now, please do your thing with the fancy pages, the sitenotice, etc - David Gerard (talk) 22:27, 19 November 2018 (UTC)
actually nvm, I just did - David Gerard (talk) 22:29, 19 November 2018 (UTC)
Thanks. ^_^ This message is approved by Dysklyver Ensign of the Duke of Cornwall.svg (brebmyn) 23:03, 19 November 2018 (UTC)

Voting abilities[edit]

I just went to the voting booth, to well, vote, yet according to that same page I have already voted. Did you perchance forget to reset the voting calculations? ☭Comrade GC☭Ministry of Praise 22:34, 19 November 2018 (UTC)

fukcin did precisely that thing. Just checked the January data and cleared it. Try again - David Gerard (talk) 22:45, 19 November 2018 (UTC)
Looks like others are experiencing the same problem --RWRW (talk) 00:26, 20 November 2018 (UTC)
try again, i'm watching the .blt file - David Gerard (talk) 07:24, 20 November 2018 (UTC)