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Talk:PH woo

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This Alternative medicine related article has not received a brainstar for quality. Please consider expanding the article appropriately. See RationalWiki:Article rating for more information.


Merge with pH?[edit]

We shouldn't even have a stand-alone article on pH (just our pH woo article) as we're not an encyclopedia. That being said, a pH woo article is a great, missional concept. Thoughts? Reverend Black Percy (talk) 16:26, 11 January 2017 (UTC)

While I can see merit in merging said articles, Rev., there is nothing wrong per se in having an article on pH, just as we have articles on astronomy, the Sun, or vitamins. ScepticWombat (talk) 16:37, 11 January 2017 (UTC)

RichardR (talk) 23:30, 14 November 2017 (CET) OK, some questions here, as I have no idea how to handle getting into contact with other RW people or how to deal with these 'talk' pages in particular (I bluntly copied the formatting of the above entries, but no doubt that isn't what I'm supposed to do). I edited the 'pH woo' page, and wondered if my contribution is enough to remove the "This article is a stub" message. I'd like to discuss these (and other) matters, but I couldn't locate a manual or tutorial for these 'talk' pages, so I hope someone reads this.

Not to be confused with[edit]

This word :) Anna Livia (talk) 15:15, 29 November 2019 (UTC)