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Taslima Nasrin

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Taslima Nasrin (also spelled Nasreen) is an author known for her writing in support of secularism, humanism and women's rights. She has been living in exile from her native Bangladesh since 1994.

Formerly a Muslim, she became an atheist.[1]

Nasrin's writing has been attacked by extremists, in particular her 1993 novel Lajja, which denounces fundamentalism, and a letter to the Calcutta-based Statesman describing the Qu'ran as "out of place and out of time". A militant group called the Bangladesh Sahaba Sainik Parishad, or Council of Soldiers for Islam, held a rally calling for her to be executed for "blasphemy and conspiracy against Islam, the Holy Koran and its prophet" and placed a 100 000 takaWikipedia's W.svg (~$1250) bounty on her life. The Bangladashi government charged her with "deliberately and maliciously outraging religious feeling";[1][2] she was released on bail and fled to Sweden in 1994.[3]


In April 2012 Nasrin joined the Freethought Blogs blogging collective. She was warmly welcomed, but managed to put her foot in her mouth within one month of arrival with an anti-prostitution post, entering an argument with the sex-positive feminists also blogging on the site.[4][5] Ultimately, though, unlike other people in a similar situation (e.g. Thunderf00t), Nasrin handled it without starting a shitstorm and remains a respected contributor on the site.

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