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The "health ranger".
The "health ranger".

NaturalNews.com (formerly Newstarget) is a strangely popular anti-science conspiracy website, founded by notorious crank-turned-businessman Mike Adams (self-labeled as "The Health Ranger") in order to promote a mishmash of random alternative medical therapies, denialism and other assorted woo, including quack cancer treatments. Even other quacks think it's a quack site.

The site particularly specializes in peddling misinformation and snake oil to adherents of fringe subcultures, including the anti-vaccination movement, AIDS/HIV deniers and proponents of anti-psychiatry. Located on the frontline of the grand awakening, NaturalNews tirelessly fights "Big Pharma", "dangerous chemicals", genetically modified food, the government and evidence-based medicine in general.

Giving Deepak Chopra a run for his money, Adams personally supports various pseudoscientific quantum woo, such as "quantum healing" and "quantum consciousness". To top things off, NaturalNews strangely advances a hard green position, even though the site simultaneously promotes global warming denialism.

If you cite NaturalNews on any matter whatsoever, you are almost certainly wrong.