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Quacks and pseudoscientists are said to be rejected by their own kind when they advance a claim so obviously bogus, even other promoters of the same pseudoscience can tell that it's bogus, and publicly go out of their way to debunk it. As Mark Hoofnagle pointed out in 2007, this is relatively uncommon; cranks/pseudoscientists/quacks tend to stand by each other and defend their claims much more often than not.[1] Such condemnation can therefore be seen as an unusual example of a crank being a stopped clock and recognizing exceptionally obvious bullshit.


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  1. Or, to put that more bluntly, the majority of cranks still have just enough awareness of reality to not accidentally dismember themselves. Emphasis on "most of them", i.e. yes, there are people who are so intensely stupid that every day they manage to not get themselves killed is a minor miracle.


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