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List of websites owned by Mike Adams

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If there is a Wonderland filled with health scares, monsters, and miraculous concoctions, Mike Adams is building it. And its looking-glass is the Internet.
—McGill’s Office for Science and Society[1]

NaturalNews.com is only the prominent tip of a very large iceberg of this alternative fake news media empire owned entirely by Mike Adams along with his business partner (and possible wife), Sheh Lio Adams (a.k.a. Horng Lio Sheh and Sherhorn Kio Adams). They have built an elaborate and weirdly complex online network over the past three decades. These websites are are basically an echo chamber of Natural News. The Institute for Strategic Dialogue's (ISD) investigation identified a collection of 496 domains (in addition to the 56 domains identified by NewsGuard) which were linked to NaturalNews and its founders.[2] This page is an incomplete list of the domains he currently owns and pays for.

The List[edit]

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Here is the (incomplete) list. Websites not registered in a domain ending with “.news” are bold.[note 1]


  • AlternativeNews.com[3]
  • Amethios.com
  • Adams.news
  • Addiction.news
  • AirPurification.News
  • AISystems.News
  • AlternativeSearch.com
  • Aluminum.News
  • Antioxidants.News
  • Aquifers.News
  • Arsenic.News
  • Atomic.News
  • Aviator.News
  • Awakening.News


  • Banned.News
  • Biased.News
  • BigGovernment.News
  • BioDefense.com[note 2]
  • BioTerrorism.News
  • Breakthrough.News
  • Brighteon.com[4]
  • BugOut.News


  • Cancer.News
  • CaliforniaCollapse.News
  • CampusInsanity.com
  • CDC.News
  • Censorship.News
  • CesiumEliminator.com[note 3]
  • ChlorellaFactor.com[note 4][5]
  • Climate.News
  • ClimateScienceNews.com
  • Collapse.News[6]
  • Conspiracy.News
  • ConsumerWellness.org[note 5]
  • CounterThink.com[7]
  • CWCLabs.com[8][9]
  • CyberWar.News


  • DivinityNow.com
  • Discoveries.News
  • DrugCartels.News


  • Eugenics.News
  • Extinction.News


  • FactCheck.News
  • FDA.News
  • Freedom.News[10]
  • Food.News[11]
  • FoodInvestigations.NaturalNews.com
  • FoodForensics.com



  • HealingFoodReference.com[13]
  • Health.News
  • HealthRanger.com[14]
  • HealthRangerInventions.com
  • HealthRangerReport.com
  • HealthRangerStore.com[note 7]
  • HealthRangerUpdate.wordpress.com
  • HerbReference.com
  • Herbs.News
  • HonestFoodGuide.org
  • HoggWatch.com[15][16]


  • Ingredients.News




  • Labs.NaturalNews.com
  • Liberty.News
  • Libtards.News


  • Mail.GoodGopher.com[note 8]
  • Medicine.News


  • NationalSecurity.News
  • NaturalHealthLibrary.com
  • NaturalMedicine.News
  • NaturalNews.com
  • NaturalNewsBlogs.com
  • NaturalNewsBlog.blogspot.ca
  • NaturalNewsRadio.com
  • NaturalPedia.com[note 9][17][18]
  • NaturalNewsTracker.wordpress.com
  • NaturalScienceJournal.org
  • NaturalNewsWatch.wordpress.com
  • NewsTarget.com
  • NutrientReference.com


  • OrganicRiceBranFiber.NaturalNews.com
  • OrganicGojiBerries.NaturalNews.com
  • OrganicJojobaOil.NaturalNews.com
  • Outbreak.News


  • Pandemic.News
  • Pollution.News


  • Quarantine.News
  • QuantumComputing.News
  • Quickening.News



  • Science.News
  • ScienceClowns.com
  • Scjence.News
  • SupplementReference.com
  • Survival.News
  • Science.NaturalNews.com
  • Share.NaturalNews.com[note 10]
  • SHTF.News


  • TechGiants.News
  • Technocrats.News
  • Twisted.News
  • Tyranny.News







  • Radio.NaturalNews.com
  • RangerGear.com
  • TalkNetwork.com[19]
  • TV.NaturalNews.com
  • Tyranny.News
  • VaccineDamage.News
  • VaccineInjuryNews.com
  • Vaccines.News
  • WaterFilterlabs.com[20]
  • WebSeed.com[21]

.news Domains[edit]

These domains came into existence at around 2015. They are very simple, almost identical to each other and often re-post NaturalNews or NewsTarget articles.[2] These were bought from Donuts Inc.[22] by WebSeed Inc., which is owned by Mike Adams.[21] The website of WebSeed is a search engine that gives you NaturalNews articles upon input.

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  1. Some of the websites, while not ending in “.news”, are still classified with those with them because they have the exact same layout and are irrelevant to Mike Adams topics
  2. “On biodefense.com, you will be able to listen to a 45-minute audio clip of Mike Adams instructing you on building an emergency Ebola isolation room at home “after the hospitals are overrun” (never mind that Ebola does not spread easily and that few cases ever made it to North America).” — McGill
  3. Claims to sell products that will protect people from the dangerous fallout of Chernobyl and Fukushima.
  4. “On chlorellafactor.com—a webpage dedicated to an algae sold as a superfood—you will be scared into thinking every seller of chlorella wants to kill you… except for Adams who, of course, wants you to know that his store offers Clean Chlorella “even if it means less profit than retailing cheaper, lower-quality chlorella”. While Adams trots out this food source as a defence against cancer, the evidence isn’t there.” — McGill
  5. “On consumerwellness.org, you will find a legit-looking portal for a nonprofit that funds educational programs. Press releases on the website claim the Center annually hands out educational grants to aid schoolchildren, expectant mothers, school nutritional programs, and low-income families. Under “Board of Directors”, a single person is named: Mike Adams. There is an invitation to “join our advisory board” but no members are listed. The website was last updated in 2016, though the organization was granted tax-exempt status in 1995.” — McGill
  6. “If you’re looking for a replacement to Google that “filters out corporate propaganda and government disinformation”, Adams suggests you use Good Gopher. Searching for “Washington Post”, for example, I was not shown the actual website of the Washington Post; instead, I was sent to TruthWiki, RealInvestigations.News, Disinfo.news, and a whole alternate reality in which the newspaper churns out fake news and is beholden to Monsanto. Some of the “independent news websites” that Good Gopher sticks to and that aren’t owned by Mike Adams include far-right website Breitbart.com and Alex Jones’ conspiracy epicentre Infowars.com.” — McGill
  7. “like the denouement you predict halfway through watching a bad movie, you will have inferred by now that Adams has a store [links to his store].” — McGill
  8. “Like Google, Adams’ Good Gopher—whose animal mascot, seen holding a magnifying glass, is rendered in reassuring cartoon form—is not just a search engine. It is tied to Gopher Mail, an email service that promises to be “100% uncensored”, whatever that means.” — McGill
  9. “Mike Adams owns NaturalPedia, which offers biased health information such as his page on naturopathy. On it, you will “learn” that it can treat irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers. At the bottom of the page, you will see ads for iodine, magnesium, and colloidal silver because, like the denouement you predict halfway through watching a bad movie, you will have inferred by now that Adams has a store.” — McGill
  10. “Adams trots out his own social network at https://share.naturalnews.com, hosted by Diaspora (a social network platform created by people who are wary of online service providers accumulating and selling your personal information to advertisers). I joined Natural News’ “online social world where you are in control” using a pseudonym and was instantly met with an article telling me to eat more olives to ward off cancer. Also, ginger is “monumentally superior” to chemotherapy, I was told.” — Jonathan Jarry, MSc of McGill