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Be afraid, be very afraid… when crazy people become sheriff's deputies.

QAnon, also known as The Storm and The Great Awakening, is a conspiracy theory, popular meme, and right wing fantasy about a "deep state" conspiracy against President Trump. Following on the heels of similar bullshit such as Pizzagate, it advances a fantastic web of deceit that wraps up Trumpism, deep state fearmongering, evil, satanic pedophilia rings controlled by the Democratic Party, investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 US election, the Las Vegas shooting, and New World Order paranoia into a package easily and wholeheartedly promoted by internet cesspools and Alex Jones. It originated with a series of incoherent posts on 4chan in 2017 by someone calling themselves "Q". The name is likely based on the US government's top secret Q clearance.Wikipedia