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If the moon landings were fake and aliens are real, why would John Podesta eat so much pizza?
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Not to be confused with the Battle of the Buffet.Wikipedia's W.svg

Pizzagate is the (admittedly rather silly) name of an actual conspiracy theory which claims that Hillary Clinton is secretly involved in a pedophile ring centered around Alex Jones' overactive imagination a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C..[1] This outlandish theory spawned from a highly peculiar pattern-analytical reading of the Wikileaks-leaked hacked emails belonging to John Podesta,Wikipedia's W.svg then-manager of the Hillary campaign because the highly suspect code phrase "cheese pizza" figured among said correspondence.[2][3] The fact that the mention of cheese pizza was much more interesting to some people than the actual emails of any possible importance whatsoeverWikipedia's W.svg says something about the conspiracy crowd.[Note 1]

The conspiracy theory was initially promoted and popularised on the notorious Poe-nest 4chan and on Reddit, spread quickly over various fake news websites as well as via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and culminated in an armed man — arguably acting on the suggestion of one Alex Jones[4] — entering the lion's den pizza parlor in question, rifle in hand, to "self-investigate" the claims in early December 2016.

Origin and spread[edit]

The foundations of Pizzagate were laid by 4chan trolls scouring Clinton-related emails released by Wikileaks looking for dirt.[Note 2] They found a series of emails which mentioned Comet Ping PongWikipedia's W.svg[Note 3] having seen occasional use as a venue for DNC fundraising events.[5] Its owner, James Alefantis, was for some reason named the 49th most powerful person in Washington DC by GQ magazine out of DC's top 50 most powerful people.[6][Note 4]

Because life is random, the phrase cheese pizza happened to be an in-joke refering to child pornography on 4chan.[Note 5] Thus, users started to fabricate a conspiracy theory around the mention of this generic food item in the Podesta emails, soon shitposting speculating up a storm. Based on this diligent research, they quickly concluded that John Podesta, Clinton, and others were all part of a clandestine pedophile ring operating out of the innocent-looking Comet Ping Pong.[7] The conspira-trollery eventually flooded Reddit. On /r/The_Donald/, a redditor by the name of "DumbScribblyUnctious" collected all the dubious conspiracy theories into one giant screed entitled Comet Ping Pong — Pizzagate Summary.[8]

For the simple reason that speculation this daft inherently borders on actual absurdist comedy, the popularity of the Pizzagate manufactroversy increased exponentially, with theories about the supposed conspiracy quickly growing ridiculously complex and lengthy.[7] Professional insanity dispenser Alex Jones fanned the flames by adding his own conspiratorial twist, posting an actual InfoWars bulletin called Pizzagate Is Real: Something Is Going On, But What?[9] in which he told viewers "You have to go investigate it for yourself",[4] neglecting to factor in that his viewers might actually be impressionable enough to take his suggestions to heart.

Social media frenzy[edit]

As Pizzagate blew up on the internet, the hashtag #pizzagate began trending on Twitter.[10] Comet Ping Pong suddenly gained a massive amount of followers on Instagram — along with numerous death threats.[Note 6] The conspiracy theory was actively spread on Twitter by a number of Trump supporters, a mob apparently still consumed by Trump's (later completely abandoned) "crooked Hillary" narrative, desperate for any scraps of controversy that could realize their wet dream — to "lock her up".[7][Note 7]

Meanwhile, in Turkey[edit]

Turkish media outlets loyal to sultan president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan responsibly decided to publish articles promoting the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.[11] Aside from the goal of generally stirring anti-American sentiment in Turkey, the stories were likely meant to deflect from a sexual abuse scandal implicating a charitable foundation with ties to Erdoğan's ruling party, and to distract from crackdowns on dissent after the attempted coup of July 2016.

A gunman[edit]

Help me, [armed redneck listener]. You're my only hope.
Princess Leia Alex Jones, making a wish to the Jackass Genie

As Pizzagate propagated across social media through various fake news outlets, with strategic command in charge of Hillary bashing operations taking the hysteria to a new level, many people — lacking the apparent ability to tell fact from fiction — took the whole production for a real news story.

One such misguided individual (a 28 year old man from Salisbury, North Carolina) named Edgar Maddison Welch decided to respond to Alex Jones' impassioned pleas for general Kenobi someone to take matters into their own hands and "personally investigate".[4]

Like a modern day fake news-fueled Travis Bickle,Wikipedia's W.svg Welch omniously stepped inside Comet Ping Pong on the 4th of December, 2016. A Sunday afternoon at around 3 p.m., the pizza parlor was packed with customers.[12] And Welch hadn't come alone, either — making his entrance brandishing a loaded rifle — supposedly on a mission to "self-investigate" the Pizzagate conspiracy.[Note 8] Understandably, employees and diners alike made like a tree a fled the scene. In a sense, Welch had successfully managed to drain that particular NWO swamp. According to his own post-arrest words, Welch "fired off some rounds". Thankfully (though oddly; perhaps battling some kind of Pizzergeist?), Welch only fired his gun once he was alone inside the pizza parlor.[12] Soon thereafter, Welch was promptly arrested after surrendering to police.[13][14][15][16] Welch later stated that:[17]

I just wanted to do some good and went about it the wrong way. I regret how I handled the situation.

Interestingly, while Welch first heard of the Pizzagate conspiracy through word of mouth, he himself confirmed that it was the barrage of nonsense on the Internet that led him to believe his actions were warranted.[17][Note 9]

Team Trump responds[edit]

As it happens, even Michael G. Flynn, son of Trump confidante and retired lieutenant general Michael T. Flynn, promoted the conspiracy theory, tweeting on December 6:[18]

His comments attracted national attention, going so far as causing him to get fired from Trump's transition team forthwith. Even after his sacking, Flynn shared several of Gamergater and lawyer Mike Cernovich's tweets, showing continued support for the conspiracy theory and tacitly implying that Flynn believed the gunman incident might have been a false flag operation.


Taste the crazy: typical Pizzagate infographic.

Several images circulating on twitter claim to reveal the "truth" about Pizzagate. These collages are indistinguishable from displays of batshit insanity commonly known as "crazy walls" or "serial killer walls".[19]

Podesta email "code words"[edit]

Word Supposed meaning
hotdog = boy
pizza = girl
cheese = little girl
pasta = little boy
ice cream = male prostitute
walnut = person of colour
map = semen
sauce = orgy
domino = BDSM
My friend texted me that he had fries at the bowling alley last night. Now I'm like 95% sure he's smoking crack behind the Arby's.

Cranks speculated that words and phrases used in leaked Clinton-related emails were pedophile codewords. (Of course, these words could also be used normally in normal conversations, but apparently cranks feel the pedophile meanings are somehow more "believable".)[21]

"Pizzagate: Just The Facts"[edit]

One infographic features an explanatory paragraph that speculates on the extent of the conspiracy and who's involved in it:[22]

It is becoming increasingly clear that many of "the elite" including high ranking politicians, celebrities and very wealthy people are operating a global sex trafficking ring. They are doing it under the guise of helping children in need (fostering, rehoming, mentoring etc). Big money is changing hands. Big players are heavily involved. Satanic rituals are involved. Freemasons are involved. The people who control everything you see, read and hear are involved.

Of course, every politician is part of the conspiracy — with the exception of Donald Trump, because Trump "isn't really a true politician, even as president".

  • Proponents claim that the owner James Alefantis changed his name to signal a hidden message, "J’aime L'enfants" or "I love children" in French. Such a message would be lost to illicit clients who don't know French. It also is grammatically incorrect in French (though it can still be made to fit).
  • An infographic claims that codewords used by pedophiles are used in Clinton-related emails. But aside from "chicken", terms like "sauce", "pasta", "pizza", "handkerchief",[23] and "pillows" are not documented terms used by pedophiles; they were pulled out of thin air.
It's either a coincidence or a joke by the logo designer who is probably laughing his ass off now.
  • The restaurant Besta Pizza's old logo just happens to look similar to the official "Boy Love" symbol.[24][25] This has been interpreted as Besta Pizza's being involved with trafficking children.[Note 10]
  • Adherents believe that the supposed pedophile ring also worships Satan, citing as evidence a jokey email signature used by retired Foreign Service officer Lewis Amselem: "With fingers crossed, the old rabbit's foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to MolochWikipedia's W.svg …"[26][27][Note 11]


Cranks dissect the email; their arrows are colorful "enought"
The attachment

The alleged cornerstone of Pizzagate is an attachment found in a forwarded 2009 email from Bill Clinton advisor Doug Band called "pizza.jpg". The attachment contains a photo of two Asian adults enjoying pizza with a kid, which is supposedly evidence of child molestation. However, the email and its attachment were completely misinterpreted.[28] What "Pizza.jpg" actually shows is American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling along with a young girl, possibly Lee's daughter Hana. The three are eating pizza after Clinton secured their release from captivity in North Korea in August 2009. "As John said, it doesn't get any better than this", Band comments to Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, Podesta, and others. "Nice", Podesta responds.[29]

No child abuse. No pedophile ring. Yet cranks continued to cook up nutty conspiracies based on the photo.[30][31]

also Podesta sent this pic with this email. Obviously Asian sex slaves

"Reputable" sources[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Fake news

Some extremely reputable pizza-gate-pushers include:

  • Alex Jones: "PIZZAGATE IS A DIVERSION FROM THE GREATER CRIMES IN PODESTA WIKILEAKS"[33] (Well yes it is, since he's the one who made it an issue in the first damn place)
  • The Daily Stormer (neo-Nazi), headline: "Massive Cover-Up of Pizzagate Child Sex Ring Allegations"[34]
  • The Right Stuff (neo-Nazi), opening paragraph: "Make yourself aware of the information, use it to prepare memes and to make the lives of Leftists miserable. Do not run headlong into Illuminati conspiracy, that has been a failing tactic in the past, so we must exercise extreme caution around this topic."[35]
  • What Does It Mean (conspiracist), headline: "Assassination Of Finnish Reporters Investigating Bizarre 'Pizzagate' Plot Puzzles Russia"[36]
  • YourNewsWire (clickbait), headline: "Pizzagate: BBC Cover Up Another Huge Pedophile Scandal"[37]
  • The New Nationalist (neo-Nazi), headline: "Will General Flynn Bust the DC Pizzagate Pedophile Ring?"[38]
  • We Occupy Earth, headline (conspiracist), headline: "BREAKING !!! Julian ASSANGE Dead man SWITCH goes off after Exposing Hillary CLINTON !"[39]
  • WebLine News (clickbait), headline: "Triggered Reddit CEO Shuts Pizzagate Community Then Alters User Comments"[40]
  • Before It's News (All of the above), headline: "'Pizzagate': How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington’s Occult Elite"[41]

When the unified Nazi-tinfoil-clickbait front is on your side, you know you're doing it right.

Lessons and conclusions[edit]

Fry meme-not sure aware.jpeg

Crème de la Kremlin[edit]

Taking one campaign manager's email account and releasing it with zero curation in the last month of an election needs to be treated as what it is: political sabotage, not whistle-blowing.
—Sociology professor Zeynep TufekciWikipedia's W.svg, commenting on the Podesta e-mail leak[42]

Pizzagate was confirmed in Senate intelligence committee hearings by Clint Watts to be part of a Russian "Active Measures" online operation pushing fake news, ludicrous conspiracies, and a general pro-Russian agenda.[43]

These findings lent support to what Glen Caplin, spokesman for the Clinton campaign, had argued previously:[44]

By dribbling these out every day WikiLeaks is proving they are nothing but a propaganda arm of the Kremlin with a political agenda doing Putin's dirty work to help elect Donald Trump.

This is why we can't have nice things[edit]

Despite the mass hysteria, the community created thoughtful art to support the Comet Ping Pong workers through the tough times.

Thanks to Pizzagate, something called "Cybersteria", i.e. public hysteria caused by internet trolls, is now a thing.[45] That means BS (like Pizzagate) brainstormed by assholes on 4chan or 8chan, picked up by the Alex Jones Infowars crazy train, amplified and spread by fake news sites, and then kept alive by Twitter trolls is something we're all going to have to live with.

Facebook is now taking the problem of fake news — and its own role in perpetuating it — much more seriously, and looking into ways to identify fake news and stop treating it like any other trending topic in the future.[7] Thanks, Facebook — too little, too late!

A large fault with the story surrounding the Pizzagate situation is the nature of the allegations. In short, all of the "evidence" is circumstantial,Wikipedia's W.svg and it's not even good circumstantial evidence either. Even if Comet Pizza does have a pedophile ring (which it does not), self-investigators are doing an extremely poor job pushing their case.

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