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Sometimes, when Assquote and Kenquote just don't cut it, you need Swabquote:

After yer mention of a forbidden vandal site in Talk:Evolution, 'tis been determined that ye be t' bully here. Like all landlubbers, 'tis apparent that ye be a sock of AmesG. Me has unilaterally wi'out discussion decided that ye will walk the plank. Ye best t' remember that this be t'conservative 'cyclopedia, an' ov'rly critical comments, such as yers 'bout DeanS be pointless an' futile an' t'will be reverted. In conclusion, if ye think ye were blocked unfairly, an' would like to discuss this, please use t' "email this user" feature.

Sincerely, Karajou 00:38, 29 May 2020 (UTC)

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