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Makes a typo: entires instead of entries. [1]

-- Nx / talk19:28, 2 December 2011

I thought I fixed that once. Oh well, I have a new computer so as soon as I sent up Perl on it, I will copy my code for WIGObot accross and fix it (if I remember at that point).

- π Moderator23:28, 2 December 2011

Apparently you didn't.

-- Nx / talk09:41, 1 January 2012

Just fixed it. I was going to rewrite the code soon as the current code is based on some hacks that were used for the old capturebot. One thing I was going to do was rewrite the regex so that poll is closed even if the numbering is fucked up. Also get the bot to determine if new month has been started so I don't have to check all the time.

- π Moderator09:45, 1 January 2012

Can you modify it so that whoever screws up the vote numbering gets a slap in the face?

-- Nx / talk09:52, 1 January 2012

Hmm interesting idea.

- π Moderator09:55, 1 January 2012

Since this is going to effect non-techies: what kind of slap in the face? A bolded warning that appears above the edit box and forces you to press "submit" again to be sure?

Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments.10:42, 1 January 2012

It was a joke.

-- Nx / talk10:44, 1 January 2012

I was going to have WIGObot automatically strip you of your rights and banish you from the wiki forever, it seems like a light punishment for messing up the WIGOs.

- π Moderator10:55, 1 January 2012

You can never know when dealing with practitioners of techno witchcraft.

Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments.10:55, 1 January 2012

Finally! A use for sysoprevoke.

steriletalk13:05, 1 January 2012