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We're Concerned[edit]

You okay? Objective (talk) 22:42, 29 June 2016 (UTC)

It takes a lot of potential to contribute to a wiki like you have. I couldn't do it, and I have a Master's. I think deep down I wanted to be able to but my ADHD got in the way. You seem like a cool guy/gal and you seem very talented. Objective (talk) 22:46, 29 June 2016 (UTC)

^. Cømяade FυzzчCαтPøтαтø (talk/stalk) 22:55, 29 June 2016 (UTC)

I haven't ever interacted with you but I don't think you should be hard on yourself. We all have IRL problems and that can hinder us. I know that it can be hard to be motivated to do even the simplest task, especially when you suffer from depression. The rest of us care about you too.--Owlman (talk) (mail) 08:13, 30 June 2016 (UTC) 08:13, 30 June 2016 (UTC)

I appreciate your and everyone else's words. For the record, my depression has been at manageable levels for several months now. I'm gainfully employed and have a hobby project that I've been making steady progress on (though perhaps not as much as I'd like). I'm merely acknowledging the obvious fact that I've been pretty disengaged from RW since the end of 2010 or so. Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 18:21, 30 June 2016 (UTC)

I was wondering the same... You meant "bye" as in LANCB? If so, oh dear - we'll miss you, buddy. Th hug.gif Reverend Black Percy (talk) 13:36, 30 June 2016 (UTC)

*grumbles at all these email alerts* Think less "leaving and never coming back" and more "acknowledging my already-extant sabbatical of indefinite length and leaving open the possibility of coming back". I mean, if you average my edits over the past five years, aside from Foundation stuff, I've been LANCBed for the past five years already.
I want to come back to this site. I honestly hope jettisoning all real responsibilities associated with RW will encourage me to edit again, since the anxiety of all the board and treasurer stuff that I'm not doing won't be hanging over me anymore. Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 18:21, 30 June 2016 (UTC)

A thought for Stabby[edit]

Hi buddy. I saw what you wrote in the Saloon bar; I recognize much of how you term yourself in regards to your "accomplishments" (or lack of them). By which I mean, I've had my life turned around with therapy, with the right medication and - as it turns out - with having adult ADHD diagnosed just this spring. I could never wrap my head around how I wanted stuff to work so bad but they just wouldn't. It landed me in a paradoxical world where everything I did was just try and try again six times. It was all I had, but then the amount of failed attempts almost outweighed my ability to try anymore without betting on failure. It felt like a dead end. But it wasn't; I just had no idea about really basic things about myself, despite being 25 and relatively introspective. Turns out, in my case, I had ADHD, and a lot of things have changed. I see myself as a different person than I did just 6 months ago, and I'm much happier now... When you're going through hell, keep going. Anyhow. I'm writing you this because I read your words, and in reply to them, I wanted to recommend you a book. It's a fairly short one. It's got no instructions. It's not a jolly book. In a sense, it's a collection of thoughts and short essays. But it's a book that matters. It's a better crutch than any cheery nonsense would be. Matt Haig's Reasons To Stay Alive. If you'd let me know how to ship it to you, I could gladly buy you a copy on Amazon and send it your way or whatever (despite just being a fairly poor student in Sweden). Or maybe you prefer Audible and it's on there, or as a Kindle e-book or whatever... Just saying; if you're the least bit interested, I just wanted you to know that - even as a stranger on the web, even in the short post you wrote that deals mostly with percieved failure - you were able to ever so gently touch a life, the life of someone who can relate. That's all. Thank you for your honesty. All the best buddy, Reverend Black Percy (talk) 10:54, 30 June 2016 (UTC)

Back in that loop, soldier![edit]

Hi Stabby! Hope all's well with you today? :3

I noticed your comment on being "out of the loop" on the whole Drumpf thing. Thought I'd bring you up to speed. All the best buddy, Reverend Black Percy (talk) 09:49, 22 August 2016 (UTC)

I had hoped the era of dumb memes shoved into articles was over. Why are we still doing this to ourselves? Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 19:30, 22 August 2016 (UTC)
Well, mind you, we're not shoving any memes into the article. We're just covering what actually happened, in this case. And again, the context for this reminder was the idea to add an edit warning when people insert "Drumpf". Which I support entirely. That being said, the particular segment of the Trump article I just linked you to is pretty great; well-sourced, too. This Trump character sure has an impact on culture, let me tell you... Reverend Black Percy (talk) 20:41, 22 August 2016 (UTC)
Just now, writing "Drumpf" caused a warning to appear! The system works! :D Reverend Black Percy (talk) 20:41, 22 August 2016 (UTC)
My bad. I misinterpreted it to mean that editors were replacing "Trump" with "Drumpf" across articles, and there was an effort to roll that back with a bot, which then got out of hand. Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 01:06, 23 August 2016 (UTC)
Hahaha, no, no — God no. Jesus. Reverend Black Percy (talk) 01:21, 23 August 2016 (UTC)

Random person accidentally posted on the archives page[edit]

Hi, A little help please. I have written a page entitled "If it is on the internet it must be true" and I wish to write a further follow up entitled "if it is not on the internet it can't be true".

I have put the first on my sandbox, I feel that it is ready to be posted as a RW page, but I have no idea how to post it. As this is also my first attempt at writing a page I would also be grateful if you have a look at it and give me some feedback. Of course, feel free to edit this page as you see fit, but please tell me about edits so that i can learn from my mistakes (or learn from my achievements).

Many Thanks, Rich — Unsigned, by: Rich1 / talk / contribs 2016-08-25T02:13:08‎


I was told you had some hot ones? Herr FuzzyKatzenPotato (talk/stalk) 00:16, 6 October 2016 (UTC)

*Cups outstretched hands like a raccoon* Reverend Black Percy (talk) 00:20, 6 October 2016 (UTC)
Hot takes? That was a typo; I meant hot cakes. They're selling fast!
In all seriousness: I have no idea why the community is declining. I don't spend enough time here anymore to have a solid understanding of what it's like nowadays. Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 17:29, 8 October 2016 (UTC)

You've been nominated as a moderator[edit]

You've been nominated in the upcoming moderator elections. See the nomination at RationalWiki:Moderator_elections/Nominations. oʇɐʇoԀʇɐϽʎzznℲ (talk/stalk) 04:22, 22 December 2016 (UTC)

adding this here because your talk page is locked[edit]

Somebody has seen fit to relaunch RationalWikiWiki. Goat knows why. Also, nice to see you again, O radioactive one. (talk) 23:24, 15 November 2017 (UTC) (Sophie, and all her socks)

It's locked? Dang, I forgot about that. Unlocked now. (In retrospect, this might explain the other poster who used an archive page.)
Dang, I haven't even heard of this incarnation of RWW. Not sure why it seems to exist; it worked (such as it did) in the old days because it was obsessive hobbyists talking about other obsessive hobbyists. I'm not sure the community interest is intense enough to sustain that kind of niche anymore.
And nice to see you too, Sophie! Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 00:12, 16 November 2017 (UTC)

Good to see you back[edit]

Hey Stabby. It's good to see you back again! Bongolian (talk) 07:53, 17 November 2017 (UTC)

It feels good to be back. Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 07:57, 17 November 2017 (UTC)
Why is your signature your old username? —Goat-Emperor Bigs (Words of Wisdom/Achievements) 03:22, 24 November 2017 (UTC)
Because one time an old member of RationalWiki dropped by and had no idea who "Stabby" was, despite them and me being active at the same time back in the day. I was sad :-( Now that can't happen again! Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 03:33, 24 November 2017 (UTC)
Hi, I just came here to say that I still remember your compliment to me on my talk page and was one of the first comments on there. :) I still remember it made my day and probably helped me stick around in the wiki. Though I went into hiaus until the beginning of this year. But anyway just saying hi. :) --It's-a me, LeftyGreenMario! 06:16, 12 December 2017 (UTC)

Dumpster dive is a crackpot site[edit]

This week's is 21st Century Science and Technology. —Goat-Emperor Bigs (Words of Wisdom/Achievements) 14:44, 29 November 2017 (UTC)

Sweet! I voted for that; glad to see something I can easily sink my teeth into got enough votes. Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 04:48, 30 November 2017 (UTC)
@Bigs I am aware of the irony of complaining about non-crackpot-sites winning the Dumpster Fire nomination, then not editing when the Dumpster is a crackpot, but my free time is pretty limited these days. I will most definitely be getting around to working on 21st Century Science and Technology, just not this week. Star of David.png Radioactive afikomen Please ignore all my awful pre-2014 comments. 07:46, 3 December 2017 (UTC)