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That's nothing. My high school once blocked the school board page as pornography.

ТyTalk.15:39, 18 April 2011

Im back. I had to go to class because lunch ended. Ty Im actually a middle school girl but my sister is in high school, dont know if you realized it. What I dont get is how the fuck DMorron was able to get on Wikipedia and RW from school when hes in the same district as me? I saw him or someone acting like him was editing from my schools IP anyway. I thought maybe it was because I am in middle school but my sister said its blocked at her school too. Why would they block charlotte high and punta gorda middle from going on it but not port charlotte high? And why can we go on CP?

Yeah, I had to go to sleep earlier, too. So sorry if I didn't respond in a timely fashion (I work night shift, after all).