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On the social media thing...

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On the social media thing...

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Last edit: 13:27, 6 August 2017

I'd love to take up the RW Twitter page, but not sure if I'd have the time to do the others. I'm a journalism major, so it fits right in with what I'm doing right now.

Osaka Sun (talk)01:09, 10 November 2011

Is it this account? And if so, what's the news with that? The FB page is ticking over nicely, actually, so I imagine Twitter would work providing people were willing to work on it, and we clearly do have people keen on running it!

Scarlet A.pngsshole21:15, 23 November 2011

...It's been three weeks now. You there?

Osaka Sun (talk)04:34, 5 December 2011

Trent seems to have been MIA for about a month. I imagine it's work-related pre-occupation and stress.

Scarlet A.pnggnostic10:50, 5 December 2011

I think that it's me wot haz the Twitter account.

Redchuck.gif ГенгисRationalWiki GOLD memberModerator11:33, 5 December 2011

Or maybe not.

Redchuck.gif ГенгисRationalWiki GOLD memberModerator13:00, 5 December 2011

Almost two months. :(

Osaka Sun (talk)08:51, 4 January 2012

hit me with an e-mail (again)

Tmtoulouse (talk)08:55, 4 January 2012