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Tom Harkin

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Tom Harkin has got the "cure" for you!

Tom Harkin (b. 1939) is the former Democratic Senator from Iowa (1985-2014[1]) and the former Representative for Iowa's fifth district (1975-1985). Harkin is known for being a staunch liberal and, at the same time, a promoter of quackery. He helped push through landmark legislation like the Americans with Disabilities Act and ran for president in 1992.

Naval service[edit]

Harkin has been caught lying about the extent of his military service. He has claimed at various points to have been a pilot in the Navy serving in Vietnam and Cuba. He was, in fact, a Navy pilot, but never served in either theater.[2]

Alternative medicine[edit]

Harkin is a major woo-meister and advocate of alternative medicine. He was a major force behind the institution of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).[3][4] He co-sponsored the Dietary Supplement Health and Education ActWikipedia's W.svg (DSHEA), which is the current law in the US for regulation of dietary supplements, including herbal supplements. He has used such "experts" as Andrew Weil and Dr. Oz to testify at Senate hearings.[5] He also tried to slip some quackery into Barack Obama's health care bill.[6] DSHEA is the reason that the Quack Miranda Warning exists.