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Troy Southgate is a figure who has associated himself with an array of organisations on the British far-right.

Southgate was born in Crystal Palace, South London, in 1965. In 1987, he joined the Society of St. Pius X, a traditionalist Catholic organisation; afterward, he got involved in a street fight and was sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment. He joined the National Front in 1989, later migrating to the International Third Position,[1] one of the Front's many break-off groups.

In 1992, he was amongst the ITP members who left to form the English Nationalist Movement, renamed the National Revolutionary Faction in 1998; this militant organisation called for an armed insurrection against the government. In 2003, it was renamed National Anarchy, basing itself on a blend of nationalism and anarchism which held that society is facing an imminent collapse but - unlike many other far-right groups which promote this view - hailing this disaster as something positive.[2]

Southgate, who abandoned Catholicism in 1997[1] and has since derided Christians as "weak",[3] has also been involved with neopagan organisations such as Wulf Ingessunu's bizarre Woden's Folk.

In 2005 he launched New Right with Jonothon Boulter.[4]

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