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My ooberboxes
This user is a Christian, but doesn't mind what you are.
50 States flag.png
This User Is America (And So Can You!)
Blue Marble.jpg
This user is concerned about the environment.
Smash fascism.gif
This user smashes Nazis and their defenders into small pieces with extreme prejudice.
FreePen.jpg They say fair speech; this user says free speech!
Gay Pride Flag.svg
This user is a proud supporter of the Homosexual Agenda
This user went to the public schools, and still can't spell rite.
This user thinks that evolution explains the origin of species.

2kwatts, also known as 2kmegawatts or just 2k, is a longtime RationalWiki observer that's trying to get into the editing lifestyle. Join him and fight against evil on this terrible planet we call Earth.

Also I really like rats, pizza and sarcasm. Just not mixed together!!!