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Rattus rattus, or some such nonsense.

The Rat is the Supreme Being. This place, also known as RatWiki, is devoted to Him. He hates cats.


It is part of human nature to err and get tempted by Lucifer. This is seen in the idolatry of False Gods. The Rat, in His Infinite Benevolence, doesn't abandon anyone, instead forgives and welcomes all to His Reign.

World's largest rat[edit]

The fossilized remains of a one-ton rat "the size of a small car" were recently discovered in Uruguay.[1]

Next world's largest rat[edit]

In Hinduism the elephant-headed deity Ganesh is sometimes shown riding a (presumably quite big) rat, symbolising his role as master of obstacles. In current symbolism, the rat symbolises the removal of obstacles by gnawing through them.

Next, next world's largest rat[edit]

The Giant Rat of Sumatra.

Mowses (Political correctness gone mad!)[edit]

Anarcho-socialists, feminists, liberals and jellyfish, fearing the rat people, venerate a mysterious related species known as mowses or meece, who are absolutely adorable, and look like this: Mowse.png.

Some others refuse to drink the mowse kool-aid, and will be made their servitors after the regime change.

For more mowsie information, see here.


Editor at CP is the Supreme Representative of the Rat on Earth in Rationalwiki. He has been given the Honorary Title of Lia RAT RP by Honourable Jinxmchue himself.[citation needed]

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A wealth of information on the Almighty Rat is to be found here.