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User:Biologically Mad

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Any form of arrogance, batshit craziness or complete negligence justifies putting the individual guilty of such crimes on the receiving end of vicious mockery.
—This user's modus operandi

Welcome to my user page[edit]

Here you may find my ever-growing page.

To be Honest[edit]

I am actually a college student studying biology. Yes, I do hope to get a job there someday because it is not a boring job related to an office cubicle.

Я понимаю по-Русский.

Current priorities[edit]

  • Get better at editing on the wiki (Progress found here).
  • Update Food woo to ensure it does not go stale.
  • Focus on priority pages in that area.
  • Start focusing on more bizarre nuttery in other areas where claims can be dismissed with a reasonable doubt.