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User:Biologically Mad

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My userboxes for reference
Agnostic Question Mark.svg This user is an agnostic; they don't know if there's a God.
This user is an anarchist.
Aromantic Pride Flag.svg
This user is aromantic.
This user has Asperger's syndrome or is somewhere on the Autism Spectrum.
Panic attack.jpg This user suffers or suffered from Anxiety Disorders

This user believes in the right to bear frickin' sweet guns.
This user believes in the right to arm frickin' sweet bears.
Bi flag.svg
This user is bisexual.
Blue Marble.jpg
This user is concerned about the environment.
This user is a furry

and proud of it!
+-%= This user loves math.

This user is a moonbat.
This user is a scientist.
Redrose.svg This user is a socialist.

Welcome to my user page[edit]

You made it. As you can see, I’m still redecorating. I’m always redecorating.

To-Do List[edit]

  • Get better at editing on the wiki (Progress found here).
  • Remember that I exist.
  • Use the sandbox.
  • Start focusing on more bizarre nuttery in other areas where claims can be dismissed with a reasonable doubt.