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Minor Contributors[edit]


  • Chris Allen: A weatherman at a Fox-affiliated TV station in Bowling Green, KY[1][2], Allen is a signatory of Senator [[James Inhofe]'s Consensus' Exposed: The CRU Controversy.[3] This particular paper is yet another work of climate denial. What makes Allen so interesting is that he is one of the scientists who signed on[4], despite having no degree in climatology at all and never doing any research on the subject. And yes, he does claim to be a scientist; his blog is where he publishes his "professional research".[5]
  • Mohammed Al-Bayati: Al-Bayati is a belligerent HIV-denialist, most notable for his involvement in the aftermath of the Eliza Jane ScovillWikipedia's W.svg case. The CEO of Toxi-Health International[6], he offers his "services" in toxicology and pathology consulting to the general public. He engages in all the standard HIV denial woo and likes to claim that coroners get it wrong all the time.[7] He's even published a book on the subject.[8]


  • Henry Bauer: A cryptozoologist, he has lately become affiliated with Peter Duesberg's brand of HIV denialism.[9][10] He also likes to write about the connections between the Loch Ness Monster, Nazis, and ESP. Orac of Respectful Insolence has debunked the usual assertions nicely.[11]
  • Nick Begich: Co-author of Angels don’t play this HAARP[12] and a major supporter of the HAARP conspiracy. He has been featured in several paranormal conspiracy talks on the subject as an authority.[13]
  • Fred Bell: Inducted into MKULTRA when he was 14, Bell is the inventor of the Philadelphia Experiment, has successfully created cold fusion, and assisted the CIA with remote viewing. He also built the world's first time machine called the "T-1 Time Travel Transposer" that allows time travel into the future in increments of microseconds. Having accomplished all these wonders by the age of 17, he moved on to the US Air Force and began working at Area 51. Years later (unspecified), he left the US Government behind and studied with the Himalayan Masters. He'd love to sell you his Ozonic Electro-Magnetic Technology, quantum receptors, bio-plasmic energy (a.k.a. healing pyramids) to block negative energy, or the Amazing Andromedan Holographic Projector, which "when worn on the head accelerates the brain into quantum entanglement focusing mode”. No, really, it's all on his website.[14] It's too bad none of it is true. His real background is far more prosaic and he's been debunked quite well.[15]


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