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Center-left. My area of expertise tends to be the Middle East, primarily focused on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Sometimes, reality is biased.

I share no love for left-wing pro-war fetishists or anti-imperialists who make awful apologetics for Assad, Putin, etc.

I dislike Islam/Islamism apologists (Aslan, Greenwald) and Israel/Zionism apologists (Sam Harris, Bill Maher) equally.

Political positions

  • In favor of universal health care
  • In favor of progressive taxes
  • In favor of nuclear power
  • Free speech absolutist (and by absolute, I really mean absolute, including defending the right to incitement and other taboos we normally would favor restrictions)
  • Generally supportive of free trade, willing to accommodate it in light of its effect of lifting people up from extreme poverty ($1 a day for example), if statistics and the World Bank report are correct.
  • Generally dovish (did not support the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Libya), but pending circumstances of genocide, ethnic cleansing, colonial invasion, or slavery, may be willing to back a minor form of force as a deterrent.
  • Not a fan of high-strung authoritarianism among secular dictators (Ataturk, Reza Khan, etc.)
  • In favor of legalizing polygamy (yes you read that right) provided there's protections
  • In favor of legalizing prostitution, provided there's protections
  • In favor of OPEN borders. LET THE "ILLEGALS" IN!
  • This user supports the Syrian rebels
  • This user believes Palestinian have a right to defend themselves against Israeli terrorist attacks, colonization, blockade and occupation.
  • This user supports the Kurds.
  • Antisemitism and Islamophobia are snarl terms we could generally do without in a debate because they're more often than not used to deter and silence critical thinking.
This user will not support the IDF until they start to respect basic human rights.
Nuclear Power Yes Please.png This user supports the nuclear-industrial complex

50 States flag.png This user lives in the best damn country on Earth, and you better believe it!
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This user thinks
cows are tasty.
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This user is male.
This user thinks public radio is GREAT! No commercials!
Atheist Evolutionist Liberal
This user is a member of the unholy trifecta
Libertatis Aequilibritas GFDL.png
This user is a supporter of Capitalism.
Karikatur 7.jpg Freedom of speech can be dangerous, but must be upheld by every one of us.
Medicalsign1.png This user believes that health care is a human right.