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The blog-writing guy who goes under "runs" the blog "D-Notice" has decided to join this site. I also edit on Wikipedia under an account with the same user name and I'm on Twitter.

CP Username[edit]


... I've also just joined Conservapedia (1st June 2008 at 18:30 UK time) - under the username "Dnotice" (for some reason they don't accept hyphens in usernames). Let's see how long I last...



Signed up again

Dammit! Outed and blocked after making these edits. On the plus side, I have taken an innocent editor with me and I have obtained a range block (!


I've somehow managed to create a new sock... Name to be revealed soon.

... and blocked! I was going under the new sock name of "ApuN" and managed to make just one proper edit before being blocked (simply an account block, not an IP or range block) correction: IP is now blocked! Yay me! I was named after the Simpsons character, but just noticed it reads as "a pun".

Time for #4?



Apparently you can be blocked for posting on your own page ("I love Conservapedia. It is the best site ever. Andy's views are always correct, logical and consistent. I support his attempts to tell the world the truth.") and on Talk:Main Page in support of CP... In case JessicaT is watching, my response is "No, my surname is actually Lowe".


No edits made but my further sock AprilM (for which I'd forgotten the password!) was also banned.

I've also managed to obtain a further IP block: correction: TK has now decided to extend it to a range block of to cover SurfNet in Amsterdam. Yay! They've banned "Dutch" people!


Another one gone! This one was RoyR.

This one was picked up and banned for apparently being helpful and making constructive edits, albeit for using 9 different (and now banned) proxy servers (,,,,,,, and!

On the plus side, I've taken with me 3 other independent users.

Satirical Contributions to CP[edit]

Articles that I started[edit]

Argument by Technobabble and why it's satire

Satirical Edits[edit]

Why no Life on Mars?

Let's float Saturn

Christians should boycott Man Utd

... because they are a plot by Satan!

IP Blocks[edit]

I really should keep an eye on CP's list of blocked IP addresses.